About us
Tatry mountain resorts, a.s.
About us

We are the top operator of mountain resorts and tourist services in the region of Eastern and Central Europe. We are a major investor in the Tatra region with ambitions to become the largest player in tourism in CEE by means of quality enhancement and extension of the service offer.


By capitalizing on our position of a natural monopoly due to the unique position of the Tatras, to become a premier, internationally renowned tourism services provider striving to revive mountain resorts, aquaparks, theme and amusement parks in the region of Central and Eastern Europe from the investment, sports, cultural, and social point of view.

Mission Statement

TMR’s mission is to provide services in tourism at a constantly increasing level, in particular through business activities divided into seven key segments – Mountains Resorts; Leisure Parks; Golf; Dining; Sports Services and Stores; Hotels; and Real Estate. The Company plans to fulfil its mission through synergies leading to a complex satisfaction of both, its clients and shareholders.