Claim your benefits
Claim your benefits
Every shareholder is entitled to use individual services of the TMR Shareholders Club only based on their registered Gopass chip card which is topped up with their shareholder’s benefit. Temporary Gopass cards or mobile app Gopass cards are not enough to use shareholder’s benefits.
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Please read the information below carefully before registering your shareholder benefits.

The shareholders who own minimum 500 shares as of the record date 31/10/2023 are eligible for registration to claim their shareholder benefits.

The shareholders who purchased the shares after 01/11/2023 are eligible for registration to claim their shareholder benefits from 01/11/2024.

The registration of shareholders for the purpose of using benefits from 1/11/2023 to 30/10/2024 begins on 1/11/2023Each shareholder who owns at least 500 TMR shares as of 31.10.2023 has a right to claim benefits as per the terms of the Shareholder Club. Shareholders have to claim the benefits via the special application above.

Shareholders can register from 1/11/2023 to 30/9/2024.

The benefits registration will be verified  and validated within 10 days after registering.

In order to have the registration approved, shareholders must present their TMR, a.s. shareholding equity statements as of the decisive date, i.e. 31/10/2023. Every shareholding equity statement must be confirmed by the respective trader (signature and stamp). Statements not confirmed by traders and statements with dates that do not correspond with the decisive date will not be accepted. The above mentioned does not apply to clients who hold accounts at the Central Securities Depository in Bratislava.

Clik here for more details how to register your benefits

The benefits can be registered via the application starting 1/11/2023. You can register here.

The period of the shareholder benefits for the 2023/24 season and the period to claim the benefits:

 – from  the date of registration approval until 30/10/2024

In case the tickets/entries received via the Shareholder Club will be passed on to third parties or a Club member will engage in any trading with the benefits, they will be taken away from the member without compensation.

By activating their shareholder benefit and using the services that the respective SHAREHOLDER BENEFIT entitles to, every client declares that they have been aware of the current epidemiological situation and all related epidemiological precautions which are determined by relevant public authorities and in force at the time when they activate their shareholder benefit and while they use the related services that the benefit entitles them to, and that they undertake to respect them. By activating their shareholder benefit and using the related services, every client confirms that on the day of the service use, they will meet all conditions required to use the services in accordance with currently valid public health protection measures that are in force.

Benefits Review:

  • The registration of the shareholder benefits is easy and quick.
  • In order to pick up the benefits, you do not need to visit the info center, so you skip the lines as you can charge/ activate your benefit right from home. However, to use the shareholder benefit, every shareholder must have a Gopass key card that is added to the shareholder’s Gopass account when the shareholder benefit is being activated.
  • When you arrive to the resort, you simply put on your ski boots and head directly for the slopes.
  • With the GOPASS card you will experience the Tatras like never before and of the top of that you will get great deals.
  • GOPASS will offer you special prices, and you can collect points on it, which you can use to claim further benefits and experience more.
  • For every euro spent you collect one point on your GOPASS card. You can claim more rewards for your points anytime. You collect points for every purchase, so make sure you always carry your GOPASS card with you. You can claim your rewards for your points at any time.

If you have questions about shareholder benefits or the registration process, please contact

Last Updated on 10.10.2023