Legendia – Silesian Amusement Park (Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko) near the Polish town of Chorzów is the largest and oldest theme park in Poland. It was launched in 1959. It spreads on the area of 26 ha. It is located in the upper Silesian industrial district with its unique ‘green oasis’ of Silesian Park (Park Śląski). The guests will find over 40 popular attractions, such as the Ferris wheel (Legendia Flower), large aircrafts (Dream Flight Airlines) and Tea Cups, as well as new rides, including Diamond River – a water slide from the height of 8 and 12 meters, or Lech Coaster – awarded the Best Coaster 2017 in the prestigious industry competition for the best European rollercoaster 2017. The hit of the 2018 season is Bazyliszek – the only Interactive Dark Ride family attraction in Poland and at the same time one of the most modern in the world.

TMR owns a 100% share of the park and has been operating it since May 2015. As of the end of the financial year 2018 TMR had invested almost EUR 56 million into modernization of the park.