Real Estate Projects
Real Estate Projects

Real estate projects are a rapidly developing sector of TMR’s business portfolio, aimed at infrastructure development and construction in mountainous areas. In connection with their implementation, TMR plans to utilize its unique position in the High and Low Tatras region. TMR’s strategy in this segment primarily involves the construction and sale of apartments and studios.

One project that has been completed is the Chalets Jasná Collection**** Centrum, the reconstruction of the Horec building in Tatranská Lomnica, where 26 exclusive apartments were created.

The real estate projects department also offers the sale of chalets in the Jasná Záhradky location and the sale of cottages and bungalows in the Holiday Village Tatralandia area in Liptovský Mikuláš.

Alongside these projects the Real Estate team works on projects ensuring the necessary infrastructure is being built for the natural development of tourism in the following areas – cableways, infrastructure, trails, information signs, etc. TMR plans its real estate projects mostly on traditional, urban areas, where sport and tourism have been part of history for decades.

Within the Real Estate Projects segment, TMR owns and leases out Chata Kosodrevina and the accommodation facility Otupné in Jasná.

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Last updated on 11.09.2023