TMR is going to build the biggest roller coaster of Central and Eastern Europe – in Poland

TMR is going to build the biggest roller coaster of Central and Eastern Europe – in Poland
TMR is going to build the biggest roller coaster of Central and Eastern Europe – in Poland
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The TMR company has been focusing its strategic attention on Poland since 2013. The vision is similar to the vision of Slovakia – to create a “New era of Szczyrk and Wesołe Miasteczko” and to develop mountain resorts and amusement parks by means of significant investments in the infrastructure and facilities. From the end of the summer season, i.e. from early October, the park with an area of 26 ha has been undergoing extensive modernisation.

New entrance gates and buildings with ticket offices as well as shops are being built in the Silesian Amusement Park, the surface of the pedestrian zone is being changed, a new information centre is being created and so is a restaurant with a café, existing attractions are being upgraded and made thematic, new vegetation has been planted and the construction of the most important innovation – Lech coaster, the biggest and longest roller coaster in this part of Europe, is proceeding very well. “TMR focuses on maximum quality and safety every time we make an investment. That is why we want to offer the best attractions that are on the market these days. In Wesołe Miasteczko, we are building the biggest roller coaster in cooperation with the renowned Dutch company Vekoma. It is located on the bank of a lake which is in the middle of the park. It is unique history and parameters that make us special when compared to our competition. The 40-metre high roller coaster reaches the same level as the highest attraction of the park – the so called Devil´s wheel, which offers a beautiful view of the whole park and the neighbourhood. Besides being the highest attraction, the Lech coaster will also offer the longest track – almost 1 kilometre. The trains can speed up to 95 km/hrs on four inverse curves. Lech can be very well compared to the biggest and best roller coasters in the world such as Formula Rossa in Dubai, which is 50 metres high, Steel Dragon in Japan or the Tower of Terror in the Dream World of Australia. The Polish Lech will even have more power than the well-known Smiler in the Alton Tower Resort in Great Britain, it will be twice as high and 10 km/hr faster. With this roller coaster, we are about to become a member not only of the European but also of the world-class elite. We hope Lech will guarantee a lot of fun for all fans of roundabouts and roller coasters. In the summer season, two new zones will be opened and over 60% of upgraded attractions will be offered in the park. The year of 2017 is only the beginning of changes planned for our Polish resorts. Until 2019, they will be representing world-class services,” said Bohuš Hlavatý, CEO TMR.

Lech as a symbol of Poland

The thematic roller coaster will take the visitors back to the historical era of the first Polish rulers and introduce the legend of Prince Lech, the legendary founder of Poland. When walking around the Polish country, he noticed a big nest of a white eagle with two young, which he understood as a good omen, and decided to build a fortress there, “gniazdo” (nest) – i.e. present Poland. A historical village with various zones will be built around the roller coaster so that the visitors can literally go back in time to Lech´s era. The renewed park will offer 6 zones: Magical Village, Valley of Dreams, Magical Forest, Magical Mountains, Adventure Valley, Magical Lake. The season begins in the Silesian Amusement Park on 29th April 2017 and the opening of the Lech coaster is scheduled for 1st July 2017. More details on

The Silesian Amusement Park (Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko) is the biggest and oldest park (1959) in Poland, located in the Upper Silesian Industrial District with a unique “green oasis” of the Silesian park. Airplanes that hang from a 45-metre-high tower are the biggest attraction of the amusement park. The so called Russian wheel operates there since 1985 and offers a beautiful view of the whole Silesian region. In 2007, a 21-metre-high roller coaster was added to the area, which features 50 attractions nowadays. The park is visited by around 200,000 people per year. TMR owns a 75% share of the park and has been operating it since May 2015. The company has undertaken to invest 120 mil. PLN (30 mil. EUR) in the modernisation of the park over five years. 

Tatry mountain resorts, a.s. (TMR) is the leader in tourism in Central and Eastern Europe; it owns and operates attractive mountain resorts, amusement parks, restaurant facilities, sports services, shops and hotels. In the Low Tatras TMR owns and operates the resort Jasná Nízke Tatry and hotels Wellness hotel Grand Jasná, Boutique Hotel Tri Studničky, Chalets Jasná De Luxe, Hotel Srdiečko, and Hotel Rotunda. TMR is also the owner of Aquapark Tatralandia, the largest Slovak aquapark with year-round operation, which besides water entertainment includes Tropical Paradise, a special tropical indoor hall with sea water, as well as Fun Park, and accommodation in bungalows and apartments of Holiday Village Tatralandia. In the High Tatras TMR owns and operates the resort Vysoké Tatry with mountain areas of Tatranská Lomnica, Starý Smokovec, and Štrbské Pleso, which TMR co-manages. In the High Tatras TMR also owns hotels Grandhotel Praha Tatranská Lomnica, Grandhotel Starý Smokovec, Hotel FIS Štrbské Pleso and Mountain hotel Hrebienok. TMR also owns a 9.5 % share in Melida, a.s., which leases and operates the resort Špindlerův Mlýn in the Czech Republic. In Poland TMR owns a 97% share in the mountain resort Szczyrkowski Ośrodek Narciarski S.A. (SON), a 75% share in a company that owns and operates Silesian Amusement Park (Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko) and a 7.3% share in an amusement-educational project via the Polish company Korona Ziemi Sp. z.o.o. TMR also owns and leases hotels Slovakia, Kosodrevina, Liptov and Ski&Fun Záhradky a Bungalovy to third parties. By the end of 2015 EUR 206 mil. had been invested into development and modernisation of TMR’s resorts. TMR shares are traded on three European stock exchanges – in Bratislava, Prague, and Warsaw.