A magical wedding is about to be held in Tatralandia

A magical wedding is about to be held in Tatralandia
A magical wedding is about to be held in Tatralandia
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The arranging process of the Mexican wedding in the Tropical Paradise of Tatralandia, which the author calls the “XXL project”, is very special due to its interactive character, the original idea, the scope of the work and mainly the graphic expression inside the interior of the water park. “This project combines several elements. There is a bit of theatre atmosphere, an exhibition like in a gallery with the exposed object itself, installation, decorations, play of colours and light. Everything follows one main idea – Halloween and is combined as one whole which could be called a kind of interactive artistic environment. You will come and spend a while there – it is everywhere around you, you can relax, meditate and guess which elements are related to others and how they are connected to one main idea,“ said graphic designer Jaroslav Čech about his intention.     

The author continued explaining that he was following his own recipe when facing the challenge of Halloween as the main theme for autumn at Tatralandia. “I have avoided typical solutions with pumpkins that everybody thinks of in connection with Halloween. I wanted to present the idea of a Mexican wedding because the Mexicans have the so called Dỉa de los muertos, when they celebrate their death ancestors. Halloween is known for skull decorations, flowers and skeletons. The Mexicans wear masks but they do not grieve. They celebrate and humour is an important part of this celebration. The theme of two deaths from Mexico getting wed represents the meeting of two worlds. For me as the author, it meant to create and finalise my own idea where black does not need to be black, or in other words, the non-living are enjoying life. This wedding is atypical. After all, deaths are not getting married every day. But the wedding is also happy, colourful and playful. It offers a rather unusual and inspiring experience for visitors and I do hope it will be a positive one,” added the author.  

Jaroslav Čech began to work on the project at the beginning of the year and for the past 3 months, he has been intensively busy with it every day. His team was made of 50 professionals and others who were positive about the project and willing to work manually. “The preparation phase was a phase of fantasising. All parts – the graphic design, items, textile decorations have their meaning, their intention. Every detail was paid great attention to, everything is subordinate to the main idea. We have a sea here where the deaths swim, Charon, who sails a boat around Tatralandia to take part in the wedding, to bring presents and relax at a pool, there is also a balloon which the wedding couple Conchita and Pedro Muerta will use for their honeymoon transport, pumpkins that shine like stars on the night sky and also a surfer who holds a present in his hands, surmounts sea waves and follows the light of a lighthouse. A huge lighthouse that hangs above a pool is the mother of the bride whose dance introduces the storyline to us. All figures in Tatralandia become alive, go to the Mexican wedding and we will go there as well. If you are in a pool and reach out a bit, you can put kinet-figures of deaths – musicians in motion. They have come to play for the wedding guests. Good listeners will even hear some of the music. You can put your face onto a painting of a textile decoration with one of figures there or you can make a selfie with a death in a special  two-seat latrine. It might be a really interesting and funny picture for your family photo album. I tried to offer enough living space for all items so that they are not pressed against each other, are well visible and look good from every corner. It is like piecing your own puzzle together for the first time,“ said Jaroslav Čech and smiled.    

And what is it that the author likes most about his work? “It cannot be perceived from one point only. It makes us walk around the whole area of Tatralandia, all its corners, enjoy, make pictures of and perceive everything from various angles. The topic of a Mexican death wedding can be turned around based on what we want to see, how creative we are, what questions we are interested in – why? how? how come?… we are simply playing. And this is the magic!” concluded the graphic artist.   

All exhibited items are made of materials that can resist wet and warm atmosphere. To make them, the author used 2 km of textiles, 2 vans of polystyrene, 150 metres of metal chains, kilometres of cord, about 100 kg of various glue kinds and over 200 litres of paint. It was very difficult to place the exhibition inside as e.g. the ceiling grid was 9 metres high. The original story of the Mexican wedding with attractive decorations is available for visitors of Tatralandia until 23rd December. Besides the imaginative exhibition, Tatralandia will also offer an interactive game of Five adventures of a magical bracelet, a competition in creating the best wedding telegram, a rich animation weekend programme and a special tropical Halloween at Noche Misterio on 19th November. For more information about the project, please click HERE. __________________________________________________________________________________

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