A sauna for children in Tatralandia

A sauna for children in Tatralandia
A sauna for children in Tatralandia
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“The 300,000 EUR investment should enlarge the scope of activities we offer, guarantee pleasant moments for visitors staying in the region of Liptov and help regenerate human body even better thanks to a bigger variety of services,“ said Igor Mráz, the director of Aquapark Tatralandia.

The Celtic sauna world in Tatralandia will be joined by a new member of the team – a sauna for children, which will be BIO in every sense of the word. It was made only of wooden natural materials impregnated with beeswax. There won´t be any salt or infrared heaters used inside. The outdoor BIO sauna will be located on a pebble terrace next to the indoor Tropical Paradise hall. It will be connected with the wellness centre by a new passage with a lift in. Children will be allowed to stay in the 35-80˚C sauna for a maximum of 25 minutes with an adult person only. Next to the children´s sauna, there will be a whirlpool and a cooling pool with a unique view of the Low Tatras. The whirlpool with salt water will guarantee flawless relaxation as hydrotherapy has beneficial effects on human mental state, arousey feelings of euphoria, relieves tension, anxiety and depression.

The new Tatra sauna with Himalayan salt will warm up the body using the so called hyperthermic treatment with alternation of a hot Finnish sauna and ice-cold refreshment in a special Tatra cooling lake. The Tatra sauna will stimulate the body´s physical functions, help relieve stress, cleanse the skin, improve the quality of sleep, boost the blood flow, energise muscles and tendons and reduce joint pain. Himalayan crystal salt in its purest form contains 84 minerals and trace elements. Inhalation of this salt has highly detoxification effects, salt crystals have beneficial effects for allergic people, asthmatics, smokers and sportsmen, help treat skin problems and respiratory inflammation diseases. There will be 20% air humidity and a temperature of 105 ˚C in the Tatra sauna. It is recommended to stay inside for 10 minutes.

Those who love swimming in the open air even in temperatures below zero can look forward to an attractive innovation at Tatralandia. The outdoor sports Thermal Pool with thermal water, a climbing wall and ball games will undergo a considerable change before winter. It will be divided in two parts – a sports part with colder water and a relaxation part with a higher water temperature. Both parts will be completely renovated with new technology installed. Air massage beds, seats and a water spring will help create a pleasant relaxation atmosphere. Water in the outdoor Thermal Pool which comes out of a bore 2.5 km deep and has a temperature of 60.7 ˚C plays a significant role in the region of Liptov. It contains water from the Paleogene sea, which was in the territory of Liptovská kotlina (basin) already 40 million years ago. Mineral water of Aquapark Tatralandia has beneficial effects on the locomotive and respiratory system.

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