Actors Bolek Polívka and Zuzana Norisová attracted by Damian´s new residence

Actors Bolek Polívka and Zuzana Norisová attracted by Damian´s new residence
Actors Bolek Polívka and Zuzana Norisová attracted by Damian´s new residence

The 1.5-tonnes heavy three-headed Damian the Dragon was the main star of the previous weekend along with actors Lukáš Latinák, Zuzana Norisová, Bolek Polívka and the official preview of their latest film “The Handy Husband”, which took place at the Grand Jasná Hotel. Damian the Dragon arrived at or actually crashed into the upper station of the Funitel cable car and a 15-person gondola cable car on top of Mt. Chopok, i.e. on the terrace of the Rotunda restaurant on Wednesday 10th December 2014. As the 3-metre tall Damian is only a baby that is learning to fly, he needed helicopter help to get to his new nest. “The crew was flying with the dragon outside the area of ski slopes, we have secured the route to the top of Mt. Chopok. 4 load bearing ropes were used to transport him, each with a capacity of 12 tonnes, i.e. 10 times more than his actual weight“, said Michal Orolín from the  Tech-mont helicopter company. Click HERE to see pictures from the flight. 
From the moment that the dragon was placed on the Rotunda terrace, he was attracting the attention of all visitors on top of Mt. Chopok. Actor Boleslav Bolívka and actress Zuzana Norisová, who came to the resort of Jasná to introduce the latest Czech comedy “The Handy Husband” became Damian´s godfather and godmother and they even managed to visit places where a few scenes of their film had been shot. The dragon was baptised in a symbolic way – with a big ribbon. The actors were happy to remember the film shooting in Jasná. “Originally, I was supposed to play a cable car operator but then there was a change and I was given a bigger role. Sometimes I feel like a handy husband in my life as well, mainly when I am at home so rarely. We have a new member in our family so I do hope it will be the other way round this time and Christmas will be enjoying me,“ said actor Lukáš Latinák jokingly when being asked how he was about to enjoy the most beautiful holiday of the year.
“The biggest experience that I had was inside the cable car where I was freezing with David Novotný. The scene was shot when the cable car was out of operation in October and I was dressed only in a dressing gown and stockings during the whole journey. I could not speak and as I got off the car, my knees buckled. Cold is not that difficult to stand as long as your feet are kept warm. I had only a pair of wellness slippers. It was really terrible but at least it looks very realistic in the film,“ said actress Zuzana Norisová.
“The film is very pleasant. I have always liked shooting amusing, intelligent and cheerful films full of humour and tenderness. I liked Andy Hryc in the film. He played a cable car operator and in one scene, he suddenly turned off the cable car. We were a good team and only the crazy wind and Tatra cold gave us a really hard time,“ commented Bolek Polívka on the shooting in Jasná.
On their way up to the top of Mt. Chopok, Zuzana Norisová and Bolek Polívka had to hold on to their hats and face truly unpredictable weather. Luckily, they could enjoy a pleasant and warm atmosphere from behind the windows of the panoramic Rotunda restaurant. In spite of the troubles with weather, they were rewarded with breathtaking views of snow-covered Tatra peaks and a country bathed in sunshine from the altitude of 2,004 metres. 

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