Fixed pricing is a thing of the past, skiing in TOP resorts will be totally flexible

Fixed pricing is a thing of the past, skiing in TOP resorts will be totally flexible
Fixed pricing is a thing of the past, skiing in TOP resorts will be totally flexible
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The revolutionary innovation of flexible pricing was introduced by the Tatry mountain resorts, a.s. company in the Slovak resorts of Jasná and Vysoké Tatry during the 2018/19 winter season. “The innovative trend enables to manage the turnout in resorts, which turned out to be inevitable e.g. in Jasná and the High Tatras in high season when the number of clients had to be regulated with higher prices due to the limited capacity and the lack of further development possibilities. The flexible online ski pass pricing helped us spread skiers equally in individual resorts during the whole season and opened more options to upgrade the system itself,” informed Andrej Árendáš, the TMR CCO.

Dynamic rates at ticket offices

As for Jasná and the High Tatras, one of this year’s innovations will be introduced at ticket offices. “We have decided to cancel fixed prices for good. They will be replaced by dynamic rates, i.e. they will be changing dynamically based on the current numbers of clients in resorts, the weather and other factors. However, they will be higher when compared to the advanced sale on and the prices at self-service Gopass Tickets machines,” added Andrej Árendáš. 

Price differences between Štrbské Pleso and Tatranská Lomnica

The High Tatras will be facing one more pricing system upgrade. “The resorts of Štrbské Pleso and Tatranská Lomnica will have individual price lists this winter. The change results from the differences as of the infrastructure of the resorts, the transport facilities and number of ski pistes. This means that their prices can be much different on one and the same day and the choice will be up to skiers where to go. The measure was discussed also with local business entities in the High Tatras in order to offer products at adequate prices to skiers,”  informed Dušan Slavkovský, the general manager of the Vysoké Tatry resort.

Flexible prices have spread from Slovakia to other countries – Szczyrk and  Špindlerův Mlýn will have them too

The best ski resorts in the Czech Republic and Poland are following the footsteps of Slovak TOP resorts and getting ready for their premiere of flexible pricing this winter. That means that Jasná and the High Tatras will be joined by other ski resorts of the TMR portfolio – the Czech TOP resort of Špindlerův Mlýn and the biggest Polish resort of Szczyrk.  “Ski pass prices in Poland and the Czech Republic will be based on the supply and demand principle from now on, i.e. the advance sale prices on and will depend on the numbers of clients in the resorts on individual days, the booking dates, the weather and the type of season (high and low). Like in the case of early flight ticket and hotel booking, ski passes booked earlier will cost much less, which is already happening in our Slovak resorts. And to add more comfort to the online shopping system in Szczyrk, Gopass Tickets self-service machines will be introduced there in winter, too,” concluded Andrej Árendáš.



Tatry mountain resorts, a.s. (TMR) is the leader in tourism in Central and Eastern Europe; it owns or leases and operates attractive mountain resorts, amusement parks, golf resorts, restaurant facilities, sports services, stores and hotels. In the Low Tatras, Slovakia TMR owns and operates the resort Jasná Nízke Tatry and hotels Hotel Grand Jasná, Boutique Hotel Tri Studničky, Chalets Jasná De Luxe, Hotel Srdiečko, Hotel Pošta and Hotel Rotunda. TMR is also the owner of Aquapark Tatralandia, the largest Slovak water park with year-round operation, which besides water entertainment includes Tropical Paradise, a special tropical indoor hall with sea water, as well as Fun Park, and accommodation in bungalows and suites of Holiday Village Tatralandia. In Slovakia’s High Tatras TMR owns and operates the resort Vysoké Tatry with mountain areas of Tatranská Lomnica, Starý Smokovec, and Štrbské Pleso, which TMR co-manages. In the High Tatras TMR also owns hotels Grandhotel Praha Tatranská Lomnica, Grandhotel Starý Smokovec, Hotel FIS Štrbské Pleso and A night on Mt. Lomnický štít. In Austria the Group owns and operates the alpine glacier resort, Mölltaler Gletscher, and its sister resort, Ankogel Mallnitz. In Czechia TMR also owns a minority share in Melida, a.s., which leases and operates the Špindlerův Mlýn resort. TMR also leases and operates the ski resort Ještěd, Golf & Ski Resort Ostravice and leases Kaskáda Golf Rezort Brno, where it runs a hotel, a restaurant and a conference centre. In Poland TMR owns and operates Szczyrk Mountain Resort and Legendia – Silesian Amusement Park (Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko). Real estate projects are mostly focused on development, construction, and selling of apartments and non-residential premises and on hotel lease in the TMR resorts. By the end of 2018 around EUR 350 mil. had been invested into development and modernisation of TMR’s resorts. TMR shares are traded on three European stock exchanges – in Bratislava, Prague, and Warsaw.