Freeride elite heading for Mt. Chopok

Freeride elite heading for Mt. Chopok
Freeride elite heading for Mt. Chopok
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The organisers know that the weather will guarantee another dose of natural snow next week and the racers will have a chance to enjoy sun as well as beloved powder. “We are happy that the race has a strong tradition and new snow is falling on the northern side of Mt. Chopok in the valley of Luková. The event has managed to keep its 4-star status again. We hope the spectators will enjoy it not only at home in front of their screens but also live in the public area at the upper station of the Rovná Hoľa chairlift in the area of Konský Grúň. This location will guarantee a great view of skiing acess such as Ivan Malakhov (RUS) and Dennis Risvoll (NOR), or female snowboarders Manuela Mandl (AUT) and Mikaela Hollsten (FIN). Top Slovak racers will be traditionally represented by Ján Tajbos and Katarína Lehotská on skis and Marek Gazda on the snowboard. There will be plenty of attractive adrenaline rides for sure,“ said Ladislav Mrava, the director of the CGC Jasná Adrenalin race.
The competition starts next to the upper station of the Funitel cable car, in the so called Sedielko (mini saddle) under the top of Mt. Chopok at the altitude of 2,002 metres and finishes at the altitude of 1,602 metres. 15 women and 37 men will be competing in the SKI category, 18 men and 10 women in the snowboard category. The so called face check takes place in the kettle of Luková (Lukový kotol) on Thursday 25th February. “It is an obligatory inspection of the competition terrain as the racers do not have a possibility of trial runs. Introducing the terrain includes a ride of the organising team members. The racers watch them and can make use of their report on the snow quality and structure in individual sections of the course. This is important information as the snow can be different in the middle of the gully and on its edges, which can influence the line the racers chose before they set out. The face check is planned for the whole day. If the weather forecast for the following days is not satisfactory, the race will begin on Thursday and the face check will take only two hours. The jury will be attractive as well. One of the CGC Jasná Adrenalin judges is the winner of last year´s FWT George Rodney, another one is Connor Pelton, who is competing in FWT,“ added Mrava.  
The countries represented at the CGC Jasná Adrenalin race include: Norway, France, Russia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, New Zealand, Spain, Finland, Argentina, Netherlands, Canada, Denmark and Australia. The winner will get 10,000 EUR as prize money. For an invitation, please click HERE. The ski resort of Jasná will be enjoying a genuine freeride atmosphere during the event. Visitors can test freeride equipment in the freeride village at the Happy End music club, there will be demonstrations of movement in freeride terrain and a lot of fun with special sledge competitions called Freestyle in Freeride. For more details about the programme, please click HERE.
The race in Jasná is organised by the Slovak Association of Freeride Skiers (SAFL), which was established in 2002 with the aim to unite people who are interested in freeride skiing. It organises the Jasná Adrenalin race every year and helps create conditions for this sport in Slovakia.

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