He got more – the smartest skier completed an unbelievable number of 6,777 piste kilometres in winter

He got more – the smartest skier completed an unbelievable number of 6,777 piste kilometres in winter
He got more – the smartest skier completed an unbelievable number of 6,777 piste kilometres in winter

The 2022/23 ski season in the biggest Slovak ski resort – Jasná was 157 days long, which is great. In the High Tatras, skiers could zip down the pistes for 150 days. After the previous seasons filled with various restrictions, skiers and snowboarders could enjoy themselves to the fullest this winter.

We had a good and long season. Considering that in Jasná, it began with the opening of our new cable car already on 3rd December, this means we could ski for 5 months. This was reflected in the statistics of our skiers too and like before, Smart Season Pass holders were reigning there again and spent literally weeks in our resorts. It’s very important that the weather was good and our hotel packages with included ski passes were accepted positively. We would like to continue with this. And FIS gave a nice end to the winter when they decided that skiing fans can look forward to another World Cup weekend in Jasná on 20th and 21st January 2024,” said Igor Rattaj, the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Tatry mountain resorts, a.s. 

TMR King of Skiers

A 61-year-old Slovak named Igor was the greatest ace of the 2022/23 ski season in TMR resorts after completing 6,777 piste kilometres during the season*, which is equal to the distance between Jasná and Boston, USA. In the Czech Republic, Karel with 5,509 kilometres was the king, as for Poland, it was Jaroslaw with 3,902 piste kilometres. As far as female skiers are concerned, 62-year-old Lýdia completed 3,527 kilometres, which is the same distance as e.g. between Tatranská Lomnica in the High Tatras and Greenland. However, there were also Smart Season Pass holders who paradoxically didn’t manage to ski even for one day.


The Gopass Ski Challenge offered the possibility to compare the completed piste kilometres with other skiers this year too. Based on the individual levels, i.e. RIDER (20 km), RACER (50 km), CHAMPION (100 km), HERO (250 km) and LEGEND (500 km), skiers could compare their performances and get original stickers depending on their number of piste kilometres. There were 3,220 LEGENDS, i.e. skiers with more than 500 piste kilometres in the 22/23 season (2,528 of them were Smart Season Pass holders).

Almost five times around the world

The highest number of piste kilometres per day and per resort was completed in Jasná on 16th February 2023. It was when 9,560 skiers made 191,673 piste kilometres together, which is 4.8 times the circumference of the Earth.

Months on the pistes

Lýdia spent the most days on skis in TMR resorts – 132. As for men, Otto with 129 days was the most frequent visitor.

Family skiing

The number of piste kilometres ranked a 5-member family from Zvolenská Slatina first in the family category. The members managed to complete 3,912 piste kilometres together during the whole winter season.

PREMIUM Smart Season Pass 2023/24

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*as of 8.5.2023, the official end of the 22/23 winter season in Slovakia.