Hurricane has been there for three years already and will be celebrating in the sky as well as in a boxing ring

Hurricane has been there for three years already and will be celebrating in the sky as well as in a boxing ring
Hurricane has been there for three years already and will be celebrating in the sky as well as in a boxing ring
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Summer is in full swing and Tatralandia is training hard nowadays. On Saturday 23rd July, visitors can enjoy a special adrenaline jump of three skydivers – parachuting national team members who will try to land on a huge target. The skydivers are 90 years old together and have completed 6,290 jumps from a plane in total. Special guests will be waiting for them on the meadow of Tatralandia – the most successful Slovak boxer Tomi KID Kovács and singer Lina Mayer. Small 7-week-old Siberian tiger cubs of the Jo Joo circus, which will be “baptised” by the guests in a special way, will join the birthday celebration and blowing of birthday cake candles as well. When looking back at the three year-long existence of the popular adrenalin attraction in the region of Liptov, Peter Kupský, the manager of the Hurricane Factory sees faces of satisfied and enthusiastic clients as well as everything they have managed to make in the Hurricane Factory, including the School of Flying, the annual tradition of the Slovak Indoor Skydiving Championships, etc. “Our aim for the future is to spread knowledge about wind tunnel flying and guarantee an unforgettable experience to as many people as possible. After our jump, we plan to launch regular workshops about the Relative Works discipline for pairs and quartets in order to teach people fly together as a team. We want to offer the above mentioned activities to children as well. At the same time, we are applying to host the 2nd Indoor Skydiving World Cup in 2018,“ said P. Kupský about next future plans.

During the celebration weekend, the smallest visitors as well as their parents can also learn boxing basics or test the speed of their right hook. This will be the third time that the most successful boxer of Slovakia, Tomi KID Kovács builds his boxing ring in Tatralandia to guarantee a great boxing show and a lot of fun with his team. “This year, we want to introduce the duel of the day against a MMA World Champion. Ivan Buchinger is currently the TOP in MMA and his nickname Russian Killer is really scary! I have challenged him and it will be fun, I swear. Besides us, there will be also the best Slovak boxing team members of the KO BOX CLUB Galanta team, who are very successful on the international level. We are looking forward to the homely atmosphere, great mood in the water park and mainly to making all Tatralandia move during the sports weekend with Tomi KID,” commented the professional boxing world champion.

The clash of the titans with Tomi KID and Ivan Buchinger will be watched also by Filip Meszároš (4-time Slovak champion and winner of various international tournaments), Andrej “Bandi” Csemez   (3-time Slovak champion and the best at technical boxing in Slovakia), Alexander Tanko (5-time Slovak champion, the 5th at the European Championships 2015), 11-year-old juniors Boris Báleš and Marco Durza from KO BC Galanta, Ladislav Matúš (Slovak team member, Slovak Elite vice-champion 2015) and professional boxer Robert Rácz (4-time Slovak champion and former Slovak team member).

The rich birthday weekend in Tatralandia will also offer real Hawaiian surfing on the newest summer attraction – surf waves of Maui and Waikiki in the Hawaii complex and visitors can enjoy a lot of fun on 26 water slides, the longest Tornado water slide, the steepest Free Fall water slide and the biggest rafting half-pipe. The wide choice of attractions in the air as well as in water guarantees a true seaside holiday atmosphere in the region of Liptov. For more information, please visit
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