Jasná reigned by freeride

Jasná reigned by freeride
Jasná reigned by freeride

Jasná/Nízke Tatry – 13th March 2022 The biggest ski resort in Slovakia experienced the 4-star Freeride World Qualifier Final event for the fifth time on Saturday 12th March. The best riders received the prize money in the value of EUR 10 000 and points that helped the best ones qualify for the Freeride World Tour.

60 racers from all around the world were competing in Jasná. The Jasna Adrenalin race took place in the freeride terrain on the northern side of Mt Chopok and the live stream could be followed by fans anywhere in the world.

The winners of individual categories were as follows:

snowboard women – Claire McGregor, New Zealand

skis women – Astrid Cheylus, France

snowboard men – Liam Rivera, Mexico

skis men – Simon Perraudin, Switzerland.

“It has been a surprise for me to win, but it feels great. We have been skiing here for two days and it is really cool here,” complimented Simon Perraudin from Switzerland, the winner of the men’s skiing category. Seven riders of the Freeride World Tour came to Jasná, which had never happened before. “In my opinion, this has been the best race ever here. The weather, people, racers, everything has worked as it was supposed to. Our team has been positive from the beginning and when so much positive energy is brought together, the weather is good as well, which has happened this year. Our live stream has been without problems too. An amazing experience,” said Ladislav Mrava, the Jasna Adrenalin race director about the level of the event.

Slovaks Ján Tajboš and Ján Babčo, who had been given wild cards by the organisers, didn’t do so well. “The wild cards have ended up wildly. Although the boys know the slope, they chose difficult things, wanted to show off and present difficult jumps, but it hasn’t turned out the way they thought it would and they finished among the last ones. If they got a chance to race in the world as well and collect experience, they have what it takes to have good results. Maybe like Majo Ligda and Palo Haas did a few years ago,” commented Matej Hulej, a member of the jury and one of the event founders on their performances.

“The conditions have been difficult, the riders had to present flawless rides and all their mastery. We have seen some falls too, but everything has worked out well, luckily. The winning rides that I have seen have been really unbelievable. This sport is becoming professional and top-quality and I hope it could become an Olympic discipline one day,” implied Matej Hulej.

The Jasna Adrenalin race is going to celebrate the 20th anniversary next year. The organisers are ready to discuss further cooperation with the Freeride World Tour management and plan a surprise. They are not worried about the future of the event in Jasná, though. “We are evaluated very well by the racers, they like coming back and not only to achieve results but also due to the atmosphere in the resort, the accessibility of slopes which are close to cable cars. The views from the other side of the kettle are breathtaking. You just sit down and watch all those rides like in a theatre. Conditions like this cannot be found anywhere else in the world,” concluded Matej Hulej.

credit foto @photomartini