Less cars, more of Jasná

Less cars, more of Jasná
Less cars, more of Jasná
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The pressure of general public and environmental organisations to reduce the burden on Demänovská dolina which is caused by individual car transport has resulted in new solutions for the new winter season. The Jasná ski resort introduces a new concept in cooperation with the village of Demänovská Dolina, land owner associations and OOCR Región Liptov (tourism organisation) to eliminate the growing burden of car transport on Jasná when the number of public car parks in the resort is limited and it is in the public interest to increase the use of ecological public transport. To help reduce the number of parked cars in higher located areas of the resort, several illegal parking spaces will be closed in cooperation with land owner associations. The new parking system is entering into force in Jasná when the resort is officially opened again.

The concept consists of four basic pillars:

1. Offering advantages to public transport users
2. Increasing the intensity of shuttle bus transport
3. Reducing the parking at illegal parking areas
4. Imposing parking charges in the resort

The priority is to motivate clients to park their cars at the free park & ride car park of Pavčina Lehota at the beginning of Demänovská dolina (valley) and to use shuttle busses from there. “That is why we have increased the capacity of shuttle busses in cooperation with the resort operator by one third when compared to previous years. We want this means of transport to be the first choice of our visitors and that’s why we will pay a lot of attention to it,” said Darina Bartková, the director of OOCR Región Liptov.

Sharing should be another important pillar of decreasing the intensity of car transport. “The intention is to make people join and share their cars so that they are used by more than just one or two passengers. Skiers can park at the free park & ride car park and use a shuttle bus from there or one car instead of three. They can keep their car comfort but also save money at the same time and help Demänovská dolina in the first place,“ informed Ľubomíra Klepáčová, the mayor of the Demänovská Dolina village.

All official car parks operated by the ski resort and other subjects will be chargeable. When compared to the summer parking system, some things have changed: “There will be charges at all car parks located at the resort entrance points. Holders of PREMIUM Smart Season Passes can park for free during the ski season, skiers with 1-day and multi-day ski passes purchased via Gopass can park with 30% off . The same discount applies to clients with other GOPASS products purchased for the given day. This means that parking will cost from EUR 5 in the resort,” said Jiří Trumpeš, the resort general manager.

The car park in the area of Biela púť next to the chairlift will be a different category and offer a limited number of parking spaces that can be booked and bought via Gopass in advance. In this way, clients can have their parking space guaranteed also on the busiest days. There are no discounts on the COMFORT PARKING product available. For more details about the parking system operated by the JASNÁ ski resort, please see the resort website: jasna.sk.