Mt. Chopok lured the top freeride league

Mt. Chopok lured the top freeride league
Mt. Chopok lured the top freeride league
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Although the race had to be postponed due to bad weather on Saturday, the twelfth year of CGC Jasná Adrenalin finally started on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. Extreme downhill on a highly exposed slope took place in freeride zone no. 3 on the northern side of Mt. Chopok, in the area of Luková dolina (valley). There were 78 racers from 16 countries. “Stanka Hajduková joined Slovak aces after a longer break and got the so called wild card. She showed a beautiful, direct and smooth ride with small drops, without any mistakes in a highly difficult terrain. Peter Flieg dominated Slovak men and took a nice fourth place. May this be a return of Slovak riders to European freeride elite? Let´s keep our fingers crossed,“ said Matej Hulej, director of CGC Jasná Adrenalin.

Stanislava Hajduková (22) commented on her victory after the race as follows: “I feel really good, honestly, I have to admit I didn´t expect it. There were great female racers whose names are being mentioned at races more often. As far as my ride and the terrain are concerned, nobody knew what to expect as Mt. Chopok and gullies in Luková dolina are unpredictable. Our skis experienced literally everything during the ride – ice, drifted solid snow or powder. It is a demanding downhill, for sure. The hill features various levels of difficulty, so the orientation is crucial – you have to combine a smooth and aggressive style between rocks with a couple of jumps.“ Hajduková went on saying that her victory might have been influenced by the fact that she was a domestic racer and knew the terrain on Mt. Chopok much better than foreign freeride skiers. And there might have been a bit of luck and a feeling of comfort that played an important role as well. 

For more information about the results of CGC Jasná Adrenalin 2014, category men and women, click HERE.

The weather was on our side, the racers were enjoying their adrenaline performances, the conditions were great and so was the atmosphere. The spectators could see a top-quality event with various types of rides. Mt. Chopok and its tracks are close to a 4-star level. The tracks meet required parameters and the same applies to 400-metre vertical drops and inclinations of 35-50 degrees. We would like to add the fourth star next year and rank Mt. Chopok and the resort of Jasná among 4-star top events in the world. But everything depends on the financial situation. Mt. Chopok definitely has what it takes,“ said the director of CGC Jasná Adrenalin. (note – there are only five races in the world nowadays which have the 4-star ranking).

CGC Jasná Adrenalin is one of eight races of the second highest category – the Freeride World Qualifier (FWQ) ranked with 3 of four stars, organised according to rules of extreme skiing racing. The final race of the FWQ 2014 series will be held in Roldal, Norway on 24th April 2014.  The race in Jasná is organised by the Slovak Association of Freeride Skiers (SAFL), which was formed in 2002 aiming to unite people interested in freeride skiing. It organises the Jasná Adrenalin race every year and helps create conditions for this sport in Slovakia.
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