New cableways being tested in the Tatras

New cableways being tested in the Tatras
New cableways being tested in the Tatras
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Load tests are the final step before a cableway is open to public. The 6-seater chairlift in the area of Lúčky has been transporting a 20.5-tonne load consisting of barrels with 150 litres of water each. 50- and 25-kg sacks of sand have been added in order to reach the maximum weight of 560 kg required by the Italian supplier company – Leitner for every chair. There have been 36 chairs being tested in total. Once the load tests are completed successfully, a final inspection will follow and the 6-seater chairlift with detachable blue bubbles will start to operate in the resort of Jasná in December. The lower station will be located in the area of Lúčky (943 m above sea levels), the upper station in the area of Vyhliadka (1,287 m above sea level), i.e. the chairlift will surmount a vertical drop of 343 metres. The average ride will take 6 minutes, the transport capacity will reach 2,460 people per hour and there will be 90 chairs in total. The Lúčky chairlift is expected to be open to public on 15th December 2013.  

The new 15-people gondola cable car at mid-station Štart in the resort of Tatranská Lomnica is transporting 25-kg cans with concrete during the load tests. The total load it has to handle is 19.2 tonnes. The old electric mechanism of the original 4-person cable car needed to be changed. The cable car could not operate in high wind speeds, which reduced the overall comfort in the resort. The change for a modern 15-person cable car was a solution of the highest technological level that is “a must” in a mountain environment. The route of the new cable car copies the terrain in a minimal height required, which increases the wind resistance. Cabins made by the Austrian company Doppelmayr hang on two ropes and can resist a wind speed up to 22 m/s. The cable car will surmount a vertical drop of 597 metres, the average ride will take 7 minutes and the transport capacity will reach 2,400 people per hour. There will be 37 cabins in total. The cable car will begin its journey at the lower station (former mid-station) Štart (1,174 m above sea level) and end it at Skalnaté Pleso (1,772 m above sea level). The date when the cable car starts to operate officially depends on completing of all load tests and obtaining a certificate of final inspection. The 15-people cable car Štart- Skalnaté Pleso is expected to be open to public in mid December.  

The winter season in the Tatras begins on Friday 29th November once a Christmas tree is lit on top of Mt. Chopok. The resorts have used favourable weather to make snow on slopes in Štrbské Pleso, Tatranská Lomnica and Jasná. Skiers will have a chance to enjoy the first skiing day in Štrbské Pleso tomorrow already. For more details please visit: pleso-uz-v-piatok/

The ski season in the Low Tatras will start officially on slopes of Biela Púť on Saturday 30th November. And after skiing, there will be the biggest party of the year in the Happy End club Jasná – Winter Music Opening 2013. For more information please visit:

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