Nová Skalka in a new light

Nová Skalka in a new light
Nová Skalka in a new light

The long awaited new ski piste improved the conditions for recreational skiers and families with children considerably last year. The 45-metre-wide and 1.5 km-long piste is an example of a safe and well arranged piste ideal not only for beginners but also for more demanding carving skiing fans. “Building Nová Skalka was a crucial step forward for the whole resort of Ještěd. And after the lighting system has been added this year, the resort will become even more attractive. We know that many people do sport after work. So local inhabitants of the town of Liberec as well as of other regions will have a great chance to be active in the evening and forget the stress of their whole day,” informed Jakub Hanuš, the general manager of Skiareál Ještěd. The construction of the lighting system on the new piste began at the end of the summer holidays and will improve the quality of night skiing at the foot of Mt Ještěd. “Night skiing was offered on the 380-metre-long F10 piste before, now it will be on a brand new piste, all along the 1.5 km of it. When approving the whole project, we paid special attention to the lighting system so that it would meet the strictest parameters as for the effectiveness, energy intensity and environmental protection as well as guarantee maximum comfort and safety for skiers,” added Jakub Hanuš.

In addition, this will be the first time that night skiing in Ještěd will be included in the PREMIUM Smart Season Pass 2021/22 offer. The advance sale of the PREMIUM Smart Season Passes began through the GOPASS loyalty programme on 16th September. The season pass covers skiing in ten ski resorts in four countries of Europe, i.e. not only in Ještěd and Špindlerův Mlýn in the Czech Republic, but also in the most popular Slovak resorts: Jasná, Tatranská Lomnica and Štrbské Pleso, in Szczyrk in Poland and in Austrian resorts: Mölltaler Gletscher, Ankogel Mallnitz and Muttereralm Innsbruck, which was added not long ago. This makes it more than 200 km of ski pistes in total. The season passes can be used also for night skiing in Ještěd, Špindlerův Mlýn, Jasná and Szczyrk (Szczyrk Mountain Resort). PREMIUM Smart Season Passes 2021/22 are available at the best prices of EUR 459 for adults only until the end of September. In the next wave from 1st October to 30th November, they are going to cost EUR 499. The full price after the advance sale ends, i.e. from 1st December, is going to be EUR 520.  

The overall investment in the Nová Skalka project is €5,1 million. Among other things, it can be seen as another proof that the TMR company, which has been leasing the Ještěd ski resort, plans to keep developing it and improving the quality of services. Besides building the new Nová Skalka piste, the pistes of Slalomák, Liberecká and Beranova cesta were widened before the previous winter season as well. The project includes a new snowmaking system for Nová Skalka too and the operator plans to implement it next year.

FACTS of the lighting system on the Nová Skalka piste:
Number of light points/poles:   77
Number of installed lights:   265
Energy saving compared to the existing lighting: 70 %
Investment in the lighting:    EUR 670.000