Sabrage record broken during the Von Roll Culinary Week

Sabrage record broken during the Von Roll Culinary Week
Sabrage record broken during the Von Roll Culinary Week
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“I love bubbles. It is a great feeling now after I am done. I had so much respect. And it was even mounting as I took the bottle of the cooling box and saw how big and heavy it was. I was really scared what might have happened if it had exploded. But after the first cut, when the sabre handle wasn´t stable and started moving, I took an axe and knew it had to work that time,“ said Tomáš Vyšváder, the sommelier of the year, after completing the sabrage successfully. He confessed he hadn´t been training the technique on 9-litre bottles as there hadn´t been a chance to do so. “This is the first 9-litre bottle brought to Slovakia. I had to be sure, it was make-or-break but I did it,“ smiled one of top 10 Slovak sommeliers.

“If I hadn´t been successful on first try, it would have meant that the bottle was too cold. In such case you can hammer as long as you want but the bottle may explode. If a bottle has a temperature of 12 degrees, the pressure inside gets balanced, it is higher and when you have a good swing, it is a piece of cake,“ added Vyšváder with a bright smile on his face. When asked if he felt like making a similar record later again, he said: “Of course, Mt. Lomnický štít would be great. It is a big challenge, the view of the Tatras, feeling like the master of the Tatras, with a 12- or 15-litre bottle. I would go for it for sure.“

The sabrage was performed using a special ceremonial technique of opening a champagne bottle with a sabre. The history of sabrage dates back to the time of French revolution. Sabres, which are used for sabrage, counted as a dreaded symbol of the Napoleonic cavalry. It was their triumphal military campaign in Europe that was accompanied by celebrations and bottles of champagne were opened with sabres. The 9-litre Bollinger was brought to Slovakia exclusively to be used for the sabrage. One of the best world-class champagne wines has a straw colour and endless tiny bubbles. It has a unique and special aroma of truffle, chalk and a soft touch of wood. The taste is cool, even metallic, with an exceptional structure of this prestigious champagne.

The Von Roll Culinary Week will please taste buds of all lovers of top-class gastronomy with delicious French cuisine prepared under the guidance of Chef Ján Punčochář from Le Terroir (Prague) and Tuscan wines of the Antinori family. For more information about a multiple-course tasting menu please visit
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