Summer season opening in Jasná – with sport and attractive new products

Summer season opening in Jasná – with sport and attractive new products
Summer season opening in Jasná – with sport and attractive new products
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Jasná is known mainly as the queen of the ski resorts in Slovakia but in summer, it is popular with tourists and sports fans too. And the summer season opening will be the perfect symbol of that. “All resort visitors can look forward to special mountain training-themed fun and physical activities on Saturday 29th June. The summer season of 2019 will be launched in the embrace of beautiful alpine nature at the altitude of 2,004 metres. Women will walk along a tourist trail to Mt Dereše with Kari Traa female instructors, men will set out for Mt Ďumbier with Björn Borg coaches. The participants can register only online on because their number is limited. The programme includes attractive sports and amusing activities for kids too,” said Martin Hloušek from the Jasná resort.

Hiking, hiking, hiking
With the top of Mt Chopok (2,024 m asl) accessible via cable cars from the northern as well as the southern side of the mountain all summer long, tourists can discover various attractions of two beautiful regions – Liptov and Horehronie. The peak itself is tailored for hiking trips along ridges and easy summer walks. The offer of hiking and trekking trails of all difficulty levels attracts people from near and far. Choose what suits you best based on your skills and physical form and if you don´t feel very comfortable in the mountains, use the services of professional mountain guides to enjoy alpine adventures safely.

A new picnic in the sky and much more

The resort of Jasná will offer original picnic in special cable cars in the summer of 2019. The unique product is meant for everybody who likes enjoying comfort and beautiful views of the Low Tatras and will be available at the A2 Kosodrevina- Chopok cable car all summer season long. Clients of the TMR hotels network can look forward to great summer news too. If they book accommodation at any of the following hotels in Jasná: Hotel Pošta****, Chalets Jasná Collection ****, Tri Studničky – adult friendly hotel, Hotel Grand ****Jasná, they will automatically get cableway tickets that can be used without limits while staying.  The Tri Studničky boutique hotel is entering the summer season as the first adult friendly hotel in Jasná.

Demian the Dragon on top of Mt Chopok

The magnificent sculpture of Demian the Dragon was made by blacksmith Vladimír Eperješi, weighs 1.5 tonnes and is 3 metres high. The imposing dragon has three heads. Two of them spit fire and steam, and the throat of one of them contains a copper bell that brings luck if it is rung. The figure of Demian, the most powerful guardian of the treasures of Demänová, was inspired by an old local legend of a dragon that used to live in the caves of Demänová.

Dragon journey to Mt Chopok – a family game in nature
The friendly DEMIAN THE DRAGON protects all treasures in the valley of Demänová. Follow his footsteps to discover the secrets of beautiful nature and don´t worry. Your new legendary friend is a nice guy.

A historic chairlift on the southern side of Mt Chopok

Regular tourists won´t notice it but those who remember the precious treasure of the past will love the story of the beginnings of tourism in the Low Tatras. It was the former cableway staff that came up with the idea to restore the history of the old Von Roll chairlift, a super modern Swiss pioneer that connected the northern and southern slopes of Mt Chopok and two regions – Liptov and Horehronie. The original chairlift and its lower station of 1954-1957 are on display in the area of Kosodrevina on the southern side of Mt Chopok.

Trip suggestion: Discover the magical tarn of Vrbické pleso!

Vrbické pleso is a glacial tarn and the largest natural alpine lake in the Low Tatras. It is located at the altitude of 1,113 metres in the upper western section of Demänovská dolina (valley). The total area is 0.69 ha, it is 8 m deep, 115 m long and 62 m wide. The moraine lake was created once the local glacier retreated from the northern slopes of Mt Chopok and Mt Dereše.

Attractions for all age groups in Jasná:

Maxiland Summer Park – Attractive aquazorbing, a 4-platform trampoline, a bouncy castle and a kid´s merry-go-around. All this is available to tourists in the area of Biela Púť.

Mountain Go Carts – The carts are amusing and easy to control. They are ideal for all age groups, from 12-year-old kids to pensioners. There are two brakes for regulating the speed, which guarantees maximum safety when turning and surmounting the terrain. A family track runs from the area of Koliesko to Biela Púť, another, more difficult one begins at Kosodrevina (southern side of Mt Chopok) and ends at Krúpová.

Bungee trampoline – The interchange station of Priehyba guarantees one more amusing attraction. The bungee trampoline is meant for all age groups who like adrenalin adventures.

BIKE and electric bike rentals:  The Outlet Demänová facility in Jasná offers regular bikes and comfortable electric bikes that are ideal for discovering the beauties of the Liptov region.