Tatralandia has got a new amusement park with metal miniatures – Tatrapolis

Tatralandia has got a new amusement park with metal miniatures - Tatrapolis
Tatralandia has got a new amusement park with metal miniatures – Tatrapolis
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Tatrapolis – one of the latest summer hits in the water park of Tatralandia will be popular with children who can learn some history and geography there as well as by fans of travelling, architecture, art and active relaxation. 13 small metal copies of well-known constructions were made by artistic blacksmith Vladimír Eperješi. “30 tonnes of metal of various diameters and lengths, diverse metal sheets and pipes were used to make all the miniatures and sculptures. Each piece required knowing several production methods and brought about a lot of unforeseeable moments. When I thought it would be easy and I could make it within a few days, it took weeks, even months. There is a lot of hard work behind each miniature. Visitors can admire 12 world-famous constructions and one globe which is the biggest from all Central European miniatures. It is the globe that emphasises the motif of travelling which the whole project is about. Every amusement park must have a so called spiritual section, so we have a church on a hill which was originally in the area and we did not want to leave it there to fall apart. This is how the idea of three angel sculptures came about. From now on, the angels are protecting us from above – i.e. from our Angel´s Hill. The park features a fully working blacksmith´s shop where a blacksmith will be active every day during the whole summer, a special scrap alley and a train called Tatrapolis Expres. All creations are unique as there is no other piece in the world which would be the same. They are originals, made with true blacksmith´s love. I am happy that people will have a chance to see my first piece which I love most – the 7-metre-high Eiffel Tower, the most beautiful construction of the world and the whole space,” confessed Mr. Eperješi.  

Tatrapolis was built on an area of 1.6 ha and replaced the former FUN park. The complex combines the art of smithery with the passion for travelling and shall serve mainly for families with children, organised groups and school groups. It is dominated by a 6.5-metre-high entrance gate of metal rods located right next to the Hurricane Factory building. A square with a rotating globe model where all continents are made of metal is the core of the area. The illuminated Eiffel Tower is a 1:50 scale mode, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is made of steel, has a 1-metre diameter and the inclination angle copies the original. The illuminated Big Ben miniature is 3.5 metres high and features artistic stained-glass details. Two interconnected skyscrapers – the Petronas Towers are 4.1 metres high and are 1:100 scale models. The same scale was applied to the Taiwanese Taipei tower, the 3.8-metre-high Burj al Arab and the 5.5metre-high CN Tower from the Canadian Toronto. The most contoured Sydney Opera House is 1.1 metres high and copies the original as for the surface design. The 1.8-tonne-heavy and almost 5-metre-high Statue of Liberty of copper sheet is wrought on a concrete base. The 1:50 scale model of the highest construction in Bratislava – the TV transmission tower on the hill of Kamzík is 4.7 metres high. One of the symbols of the Dutch – a windmill measures 3.5 metres up to the top of its rotating propeller. The Atomium of Brussels was based on the original and is 3.1 metres high. Creations of summer daily workshops will be displayed in the so called scrap alley along with many other metal sculptures and objects. 

Rumour has it that it is easy to travel all around the world by using a map. From now on, a small version of the whole world can be admired in Tatrapolis. The park of miniatures is ideal for taking original selfies. Visitors will even have a chance to try working in a blacksmith´s shop and make their own coins for memory. There will also be various children´s attractions – a train called Tatrapolis Expres, a swing ride, bumper cars, a mirror maze, mixed-up boats, an adrenalin water missile. Hungry stomachs can enjoy gastronomy specialities in the Blacksmit´s Inn and buy a souvenir to remember Tatrapolis in a Gift Land. From 1st July, a special combined ticket for Tatrapolis will also include a Butterfly garden in the Liptov Arena and the nearby ZOO contact. On 26th and 27th August, the new amusement park will be hosting metal scrap sculpting championships – Tatrapolis Iron Master with various concerts and a rich programme. For more details about Tatrapolis, please click HERE.   

The summer in Tatralandia will be full of fairytales and offer unique animations. A new theatre concept will change the whole water park complex and the accommodation zone to a land of fairytales and stories that should guarantee unforgettable moments to everybody. All age groups will take part in theatre performances along with princesses, nymphs, knights, animal friends etc. Besides the theatre performances, Tatralandia will have a new hymn and attempt a Guinness World Record title with the biggest group of people involved in creating a frog prince sculpture under the guidance of graphic designer and teacher Peter Hitzinger.   


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