Tatralandia has launched the autumn in a theatrical style

Tatralandia has launched the autumn in a theatrical style
Tatralandia has launched the autumn in a theatrical style
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“Tatralandia offers a scary but cheerful atmosphere and Halloween will culminate with a big Halloween show on 28th October. The water park will be full of amusing ghosts and various animations. Small Raffaellito Muerto has been born to our well-known married couple so the celebration will be all about the christening of the small skeleton creature. The theatre-style decoration has been moved also to the children´s pool area where three Fates – Aquabella, Vitalita and Matuzalema are addressing park visitors in a symbolic way. They are bending down over the cradle of the new-born child and bringing gifts that are meant to symbolise the fate of the small boy. Unique Halloween delicacies cannot be missing at such a spectacular celebration, of course. Everybody is invited to come and taste,” said Martina Lehotská from the marketing department of Tatralandia.

“Based on an old Mexican tradition, every Fate is supposed to bring a gift and we can only guess if Raffaellito will be the Mexican Santa, a mariachi, a dancer or a sportsman in future. This year´s project will have more elements again. The overall atmosphere is more theatrical, items are displayed like in a gallery, there are moving decorations, various colour and light effects. All this is prepared for our visitors inside Tatralandia. It was difficult to install all items, some higher located decorations had to be fixed by climbers who were hanging one item after another systematically, especially at night. The decorations have their own room above a pool, they are not jammed along with other elements and can be seen from all angles. Our piece of work makes you walk through the whole space, enjoy the atmosphere, play with the figures or have a picture of yourself taken as a keepsake,“ added the author of the project, Jaroslav Čech.

The author has been co-working with about 40 people who are somehow related to visual art. The total size of the textile decorations including the overall printed area is almost 150 m2. For more information about the Halloween in Tatralandia, please visit www.tatralandia.sk


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