Tatralandia is about to introduce brand new and unique water slides

Tatralandia is about to introduce brand new and unique water slides
Tatralandia is about to introduce brand new and unique water slides
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2011 was the last time that Tatralandia has got a new water slide – TRIO. Currently the park offers 20 summer and 6 year-round water slides. “The old ones are physically and morally dying. Even the joints don´t guarantee such an intensive back massage as they used to before,” said Tatralandia general manager Igor Mráz when comparing new and older water attractions. “We have removed four water slides in the course of the past four years and there are more that need to go to the water slide heaven in near future. Every material has its lifespan so it has become inevitable to replace the missing attractions. Of course, we want to remain the leaders on the Slovak market. That is why we plan to present something new that would attract people and focus the attention to Tatralandia again,” comments Mr. Mráz on the present-day situation.

This was one of the reasons why two new water slides for families with children have been built. 4-person rafts ensure a lot of fun and can be transported by using a special lift. This means clients do not have to carry them up manually and can save energy for frolicking on other attractions. “One of the water slides is meant for small children and can be used with interactive 5D glasses in future. Which kid would not like to try anything like that?” asked Mr. Mráz. That was a rhetorical question of course. “The other slide is more about adrenalin- It is a big boomerang where one can enjoy acceleration, movement in various directions (with the motto – what you let fall, will come back to you) and great fun for four people at once,” added Igor Mráz.

The Tatralandia general manager thinks that clients are more demanding when compared to the past, which might be because of a growing competition and a significant change as for the trends. It is not only time spent in a water park that people care about. They focus more on adventures, values and services. “Having a water park for everybody is not enough anymore. The services must be adapted to specific requirements and demands of clients. They travel more, compare services of foreign and domestic water parks,” he explains. This is one of the reasons why Tatralandia has specialised mainly on amusement and frolicking on attractions this year. “When hearing the name Tatralandia, everybody imagines the biggest Slovak water park full of Polish clients and many unique water slides that changes its image completely in low season thanks to fascinating Halloween decorations and a variety of professional activities,“ emphasises Mr. Mráz. “The trends around the world prove that old water parks have been undergoing considerable modernisation and changing radically in order to keep the turnouts and takings on the same level,” explains Igor Mráz.

Absolute Central European rarities

The water slide composition that is planned to be completed in two phases cannot be found elsewhere in Central Europe. Their speed will be around 6 metres per second. Four water slides including a raft lift are planned in total. The first two of them will be available in Tatralandia from 8th July. The giant Delphin with 4-person rafts will offer a lot of fun. This type of 4-person rafts is a true European rarity. The second new member of the water slide family is the big 4 Family slide. Two more should be finished next year (a special Navigatour slide with 2-person rafts and a two-way operation, and a double-slide called Racer with two equally long lanes for 2-person rafts, ideal for competing).

Delphin and 4 Family technical specifications

The water slide tower is 17.16 m high and the highest roof point is as high as 22.16 m, which is almost like a 7-storey block of flats, and the acceleration from 0 to 50 km/h takes only one second. The water slides are 2.8 m wide, the 4-person rafts can transport 1,440 people/hour. Delphin offers a new dimension of water adventures and a free-fall like feeling, 4 Family guarantees crazy rotations and curves with a lot of fun for all family members. The yellow-orange adrenalin Delphin slide is 127 m long, the blue-white 4 Family with a half pipe is 185 m long and ideal for small kids. One 4-person raft weighs 35 kg. The slides have been made by using the special RTM injection moulding technology with an extremely shiny and smooth laminated exterior layer.

Preparations for the new season are culminating and the summer will be opened at the water park of Tatralandia on 1st July on surf boards – with the 1st indoor surfing championships – Tatralandia Surf Cup. On 8th July, the new water slides will be officially opened at the so called Tobogan Battle event. Both holiday months will guarantee a greet weekend atmosphere with Mega hits – music concerts for all age groups. The accommodation complex of Holiday Village Tatralandia is getting ready for the summer season too – with 10 completely renewed and soundproof suites. As far as smaller investments are concerned, the lock system on lockers in the water park has been replaced and the Barbados water park should be upgraded in autumn, including 30 new seats added. The total investment amount in this year (new water slides, lock system replacement, renovation of suites and new water bar seats) should reach over 3.8 million EUR.   

Tatry mountain resorts, a.s. (TMR) is the leader in tourism in Central and Eastern Europe; it owns and operates attractive mountain resorts, amusement parks, restaurant facilities, sports services, shops and hotels. In the Low Tatras TMR owns and operates the resort Jasná Nízke Tatry and hotels Wellness hotel Grand Jasná, Boutique Hotel Tri Studničky, Chalets Jasná De Luxe, Hotel Srdiečko, and Hotel Rotunda. TMR is also the owner of Aquapark Tatralandia, the largest Slovak aquapark with year-round operation, which besides water entertainment includes Tropical Paradise, a special tropical indoor hall with sea water, as well as Fun Park, and accommodation in bungalows and apartments of Holiday Village Tatralandia. In the High Tatras TMR owns and operates the resort Vysoké Tatry with mountain areas of Tatranská Lomnica, Starý Smokovec, and Štrbské Pleso, which TMR co-manages. In the High Tatras TMR also owns hotels Grandhotel Praha Tatranská Lomnica, Grandhotel Starý Smokovec, Hotel FIS Štrbské Pleso and Mountain hotel Hrebienok. TMR also owns a 9.5 % share in Melida, a.s., which leases and operates the resort Špindlerův Mlýn in the Czech Republic. TMR also leases and operates the ski resort Ještěd. In Poland TMR owns a 97% share in the mountain resort Szczyrkowski Ośrodek Narciarski S.A. (SON), a 75% share in a company that owns and operates Silesian Amusement Park (Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko) and a 7.3% share in an amusement-educational project via the Polish company Korona Ziemi Sp. z.o.o. TMR also owns and leases hotels Slovakia, Kosodrevina, Liptov and Ski&Fun Záhradky a Bungalovy to third parties. By the end of 2017, more than EUR 300 mil. had been invested into development and modernisation of TMR’s resorts. TMR shares are traded on three European stock exchanges – in Bratislava, Prague, and Warsaw.