The 1st year of the TMR grant programme with 9 supported projects that are meant to improve the life in the town of Vysoké Tatry

The 1st year of the TMR grant programme with 9 supported projects that are meant to improve the life in the town of Vysoké Tatry
The 1st year of the TMR grant programme with 9 supported projects that are meant to improve the life in the town of Vysoké Tatry
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“We have already supported many local organisations and events held in the town of Vysoké Tatry because the activities of TMR are closely related to the town. With the grant programme, we would like to add a clear purpose and transparent rules and help keep Vysoké Tatry not only an attractive tourist destination but also a good place to live,” explained Dušan Slavkovský, the general manager of the mountain resort of Vysoké Tatry regarding the grant programme and its aims.

23 grant applications were submitted until 31st December 2018. All projects met the terms of the grant programme and were evaluated by the grant committee composed of representatives of the municipal office and municipal government members of Vysoké Tatry, independent authorities and TMR representatives. “When evaluating the applications, the committee was focusing mainly on potential long-term benefits of individual projects for all community members in the town, the involvement of volunteers, as well as clear and realistic goals, activities and schedule,” continued Mr. Slavkovský. “We are very happy that the projects meant to be supported were chosen with help of town representatives who know best what the town inhabitants need.”


Based on the decision of the grant committee, the projects below were chosen to be supported by the grant programme of TMR “A Better Life in the Town of Vysoké Tatry” in 2019:
Developing sports activities of young people in the High Tatras
Submitted by:
AO Tatry athletic club
The support is meant for buying sports equipment (gymnastics and athletics equipment, wall bars, balls, skipping ropes, skittles). The AO Tatry athletic club is active in the town of Vysoké Tatry, mainly at the primary school of Vyšné Hágy, with kids around 11 years of age as members.

Healthy moving in the kindergarten of Tatranská Kotlina
Submitted by:
Town of Vysoké Tatry
The grant should be used to enlarge the kindergarten yard and add climbing frames, a beam, a climbing rope construction and swings.

Relaxation-educational trail at the kindergarten of Nový Smokovec
Submitted by:
Town of Vysoké Tatry
The project is meant to create a trail with several kinds of natural materials such as stones, wood, sand, bark and cones, and information boards with texts about the flora and fauna of the High Tatras. The trails will help improve the relationship of pupils to nature and the environment, and serve for relaxation of all town inhabitants.

Raised beds for planting vegetables, fruit, herbs and ornamental plants at the kindergarten of Tatranská Lomnica
Submitted by:
Town of Vysoké Tatry
Raised beds will guarantee more outdoor activities for kindergarten pupils and can be used for environmental education. In order to support the relationships within the town community and cooperation with parents, pupils´ parents and other volunteers will be helping with the project. And so will the teachers of the kindergarten in Tatranská Lomnica who will be overseeing the project implementation as well.

Sound system for community theatre performances
Submitted by:
Roman-Catholic church, parish office of Vysoké Tatry
The Roman-Catholic church in the town of Vysoké Tatry organises cultural and social events for children, young people and families. The grant support is meant for buying a sound system that should improve the quality of the rehearsal process as well as the events and artistic performances.

Sledges for young people in the High Tatras
Submitted by:
Slovak Sledge Association
The Slovak Sledge Association, the only sports association in the territory of the High Tatras has been working with young people for long. As the number of members is growing, the association wants to buy new sledges to guarantee a smooth training process without downtime periods.

30 years of amateur theatre in the Tatras – a printed publication and a new play
Submitted by:
TATRATÁLIA theatre group
The TATRATÁLIA theatre group organises activities of the Amateur theatre company of Paľo Bielik in Tatranská Lomnica. On the occasion of its anniversary, TATRATÁLIA would like to publish a book about the theatre and perform a new play from September 2019.

Boxes with books
Submitted by:
Tatranský parlament, o.z. (Tatra parliament)
The grant support should be used for building a few boxes with books at frequent Tatra Electric Railway stops and public spaces in Tatranská Lomnica and Smokovce. The project is expected to help encourage people to read classic books.

Development of cross-country skiing in the High Tatras
Submitted by:
Telovýchovná jednota Vysoké Tatry (sports club) – Cross-country skiing
The main aim of the project is to buy necessary cross-country skiing equipment and reimburse travel costs of sports club members. The project will be beneficial for the whole community (parents and pupils) as the purchased equipment will be at disposal also for the pupils of the primary school in Tatranská Lomnica.


The grant programme of TMR known as “A Better Life in the Town of Vysoké Tatry” aims to support welfare activities of town inhabitants that should improve their quality of life in the town. The programme is meant to motivate people and organisations that are active in the town to identify what needs to be improved, fixed or created for the local community. The submitted projects have one added value – active and voluntary participation of the submitters in their implementation. 

The supported projects are meant to develop and improve the quality of life in the town of Vysoké Tatry in the following fields:
• developing the community life by bringing the town inhabitants closer (leisure time activities);
• grooming and restoring public areas (parks, squares, paths, playgrounds, sports grounds, benches, vegetation…);
• buying necessary equipment for sports clubs and cultural organisations that are active in the territory of the town of Vysoké Tatry;
• organising cultural, sports and social events that continue with or restore traditional events and traditions of the town´s past.

Every project could be supported with a maximum amount of EUR 3,000. The overall amount of financial support in 2019 is EUR 19,930.
Please read more about the grant programme and supported projects on

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