The first Feng Shui hotel in Slovakia

The first Feng Shui hotel in Slovakia
The first Feng Shui hotel in Slovakia
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Feng Shui is a branch of philosophy older than 4,000 years that teaches how to live in harmony with nature and have a well-being feeling wherever we live. It claims that we are influenced by everything around – colours, materials, forms and various energy fields.
The original architecture of Tri Studničky is of top-quality and supports the flow of beneficial “chi” energy. The whole hotel area features four basic elements – stone, wood and metal/copper, which are used in a very original way to accompany the guests wherever they go. The hotel has an ideal location at a burbling brook – Demänovka, flowing from the Low Tatra Mts. through both caves of Demänovské jaskyne. The fifth element to complete a pleasant atmosphere is fire burning in fireplaces. One of them dominates the entrance hall, others can be found in several suites.

The Feng Shui specialist with 14 year-long experience and a graduate of several Feng Shui schools, Peter Kulich, evaluated Tri Studničky as follows: “Systematic and empathic work of the management and the working team combined with top-quality environment of the whole facility creates positive energies which are perceived by the client like: ´it´s very pleasant here´ or ´I fell good here´.

Rearrangement of the whole area according to the Feng Shui method of compass and the method of 9 flying stars respects its individuality and is very discreet, even invisible. “The whole process at the Tri Studničky hotel has resulted in a top-value environment as for aesthetics and energy, ideal for relaxation, a peaceful holiday and recharging batteries,“ said Kulich.

On this occasion, the award-winning hotel chef Roman Kováč compiled healthy wellness breakfast and a special summer ZEN menu of local bio ingredients with beneficial effects on physical health and peace of mind. Visitors can thus taste delicious gifts of the region such as mushrooms, fish, herbs and forest fruits in extraordinary and innovative combinations. We recommend a special dessert – bilberries in their natural “environment” made of a revolutionary sorbet of fir tree needles, sorrel and other herbs from the hotel garden.
Searching for harmony is also the motto of special ZEN procedures designed by the hotel to spoil the body and mind. Massages and body treatments are combined with a regular programme tailor-made according to specific hours of the day, depending on which activities are ideal and which body organs are active at the specific hour. Guests can make walks in the area and discover local beauties and jewels of the forest, cook with the chef or exercise on a mountain beach. Special week programmes include power yoga, hatha yoga, quigong, flow yoga, meditation exercises, stretching or rehabilitation exercises for joints and spine. The hotel looks after regular fluid intake of the guests and offers a wide range of bio fruit juices, an elixir on precious stones or a special tea mixture made for Tri Studničky – all included in the ZEN concept.

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