The ski season has ended in Lomnické sedlo in the High Tatras

The ski season has ended in Lomnické sedlo in the High Tatras
The ski season has ended in Lomnické sedlo in the High Tatras
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The ski season began in the High Tatras in Štrbské Pleso on 12th December 2020. After the forced break from 1.1. to 21.4., it restarted on 22nd April and ended in Lomnické sedlo (saddle) today on 12th May.
The current season has lasted 31 days in the High Tatras. If it wasn’t for Covid and the forced break, skiers could have enjoyed more than 150 days on the pistes. This means, we have lost almost 4 months of the season. It has been dramatically shorter, but we are happy that we could offer great winter adventures to our clients despite all circumstances. It was obvious that people tried to enjoy this season more intensively than in previous years. When making the first turns in April or May, they looked as happy as at the beginning of the season,” said Lukáš Brodanský, the resort manager.

20th March was the latest ski season beginning in Lomnické sedlo before this winter. If the snow conditions were good, seasons used to continue until the end of April and once a decade, even until the first week of May.
The 2006/2007 season holds the ski season length record in the High Tatras – with 174 days. It began in Štrbské Pleso on 11th November 2006 and ended on 8th May 2007.

The cableways in Starý Smokovec and Tatranská Lomnica have launched the summer season. The Tatra Temple of Ice is going to be available in Hrebienok until the end of May. The cableways in Jasná are operating only at weekends for now.

Die-hard skiers will have the last chance to take out their skis and use cableways to ski on the southern and northern side of Mt Chopok in Jasná next weekend (15th-16th May), however, on ungroomed pistes only. If the snow conditions are good, the record of 2016, when the ski season ended in Jasná on 15th May, might be broken.