The Spartans are coming to the Tatras

The Spartans are coming to the Tatras
The Spartans are coming to the Tatras
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“Tatranská Lomnica will be hosting European Championships. Slovakia is the second country after Spain to hold such an attractive and prestigious race. The route of the Spartan Race is kept secret and the participants are well aware that they have to expect a difficult battle against time but also against themselves. Standard disciplines include traditional crawling under barbed wire, rope climbing, javelin throw, traversing a wall and of course several completely new obstacles. The Saturday Sprint will be at least 5 km long and will have a minimum of 15 obstacles. The Sunday Beast will be opened by the Women´s and Men´s European Championships with a minimum length of 20 km and at least 26 obstacles. The race in Tatranská Lomnica is special with its beautiful natural scenery not only for the competitors but also for the spectators who can have a comfortable bird´s eye view of all Spartans from a cable car,“ said Miroslav Jantek from the Spartan Race organising team.

The most successful European Spartan Racer Peter Žiška – a world-class athlete and founder of the cross-country skiing school of Štrbské Pleso – has registered for the race as well. The native of the village of Hybe has been the most successful participant of the Central European Spartan Race series since 2013, last year he took the 13th place at the World Championships. “On Saturday I want to participate, have a look at the obstacles and on Sunday, I will run at full speed. I would like to finish amongst the top three. As for my physical preparation, I run in the Tatras all summer long, I participate in many, especially new, hurdle races to get more practice, train my muscles, do body-weight workout. I make use of the mountains, use to sleep in high altitudes on peaks because of hypoxia but what is most important, I train in a hilly terrain. I am preparing myself for the Spartan Race World Championships, which will be held in California on 4th October. The start will be placed at the altitude of 1,800 metres and the highest peaks are about 3,000 metres high. If I could, I would like to defend my last year´s title from Barcelona, where I won. I am happy that the European Championships are held close to my home, I am looking forward to them and hope I will be in good form and stay healthy. I think many of my friends will come to Tatranská Lomnica, I like it if there is a family atmosphere at a race. I cannot wait feeling the support of my closest ones and enjoying the mountains. Many races of the Spartan Race series that I took part in had a moderately rugged or flat terrain. Real mountains, that was in Donovaly last time, and on Mt. Chopok in Jasná this winter, which I liked very much. I hope I will enjoy Tatranská Lomnica as well,“ commented Peter Žiška.  

As he went on, sport is his life and he was sending the following message to his rivals: “I wish they would have strong legs because it will be very hilly. Lower-limb endurance will be most important. Those who do not run in the mountains will have a big problem.”

Skier Adam Žampa is a big fan of extreme races and suggests to all potential competitors who still cannot decide whether to participate: “All those who are still indecisive should stop speculating and register immediately. They will learn something about their personalities and how to overcome themselves. Once they pull it off, they will be really proud. This is an excellent race that can teach every sportsman a lot – both physically and mentally. I think it is great that it is held here, in the Tatras, because this will be a true Spartan.“

Runners from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Slovakia, the United Kingdom and the USA have registered for the Spartan Race in Tatranská Lomnica. Besides the categories of adults (men/women), there are also special children´s categories: 4 – 6 years, 6 – 10 years and 11 – 14 years. One can compete in teams or individually, a special prize will be given to the biggest team and the oldest competitor. A rich additional programme is prepared for both days in the festival area – with mini competitions in various power and speed disciplines. The race series continues in the Czech Republic and the season finishes in the Hungarian village of Eplény. The Spartan Race in Tatranská Lomnica is the last race held in Slovakia this year.
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