TMR is supporting the 2nd year of the Tatra Knights, three ecological projects have been made at schools

TMR is supporting the 2nd year of the Tatra Knights, three ecological projects have been made at schools
TMR is supporting the 2nd year of the Tatra Knights, three ecological projects have been made at schools
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The 1st year of the environmental project of the Tatra Knights, which covers the whole Slovakia, has culminated in recent weeks with three viable projects of three primary schools which attracted jury´s attention by their original ecological suggestions and project documentation in the category of “viable projects” in the last school year (this June). The viable projects of pupils were supported technically in the terrain of the primary schools in Rejdová, Dobšiná and in Rakovec nad Ondavou also by employees of the TMR company. 

As far as the first viable project of the Tatra Knights at the primary school of Rejdová is concerned, TMR helped to plant a rock garden near the school building on 26th September 2017. The pupils now have benches to sit on in the garden, there are flowers, plants, trees and bushes around the school. A herbal garden has been added as well and should be taken care of by pupils themselves. The aim of the second viable project at the primary school of Rakovec nad Ondavou was to place information boards into a park next to the school on 29th September 2017. In this way, a new “path of perceptions” was created in a relaxation zone at a pond which serves for educational purposes during biology and geography lessons as well. The path of perception with various surface kinds, e.g. bark mulch, cones or chestnuts from trees can be walked on and perceived barefooted. Digging, cutting, drilling, wedding, raking but mainly creating an ECO classroom were the aims of the third viable project of the primary school in Dobšiná. The project was implemented on 13th October 2017 and is meant to help the pupils experience learning in nature. Pits had to be dug in the soil to place squares for the Ludo board game, wooden information boards about fauna and flora were mounted along with boards for experimental growing of various plants, a mini wall of round timber cuttings for a parlour game about the flora of the region was built. TMR employees helped create a birch fence too. This viable project was combined also with creative workshops that were organised at the schoolyard and pupils were making various teaching aids there such as mathematical tables, waste separation containers, weather forecast boards or a 3D relief map table of the town of Dobšiná. Afterwards, these aids were placed into the ECO classroom along with desks and tables of round birch timber. A plaque with the inscription “Selfless helpers from under the Tatras”, which was personally signed by TMR employees, has been hanging inside the school of Dobšiná since last Friday. 

“We helped implement three projects at winning schools from the last school year. It is also thanks to volunteers of TMR who showed interest and enthusiasm, that the schools can now enjoy and be happy about their work and use it for science classes or learning in the exterior. The Tatra Knights help motivate pupils to get close to nature, discover its values and become its natural protectors,” said Jana Kupcová from the Essence communications, s.r.o. agency on behalf of the competition organiser. 

The project of the Tatra Knights aims to educate and teach the younger generation to protect nature. Since the 2nd year of this environmental project was launched, over 200 classes from all around Slovakia have already registered. “Let´s protect animals and plants in Slovakia” is the topic of the 2nd year. Primary and secondary school pupils will be performing various environmental activities in their areas during the school year and competing in two obligatory disciplines – the so called eco patrol and works of art. The 2nd year of the Tatra Knights will be evaluated in June 2018. TMR is the partner of the Tatra Knights project. Please read more on


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