TMR opened a new interactive facility – Centrum Górskie Korona Ziemi in Zawoj, Poland

TMR opened a new interactive facility - Centrum Górskie Korona Ziemi in Zawoj, Poland
TMR opened a new interactive facility – Centrum Górskie Korona Ziemi in Zawoj, Poland
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“CGKZ has an important educational role and is a place where people will be learning to love and respect the mountains. Everyone will be given answers to questions about mountain nature, culture and history of Himalayan climbing. In the middle of the centre, there are ten models of the highest peaks which are located on all seven continents. Each of the models has its guardian – Kilimanjaro (Tomasz Kobielski), Mount Everest (Krzysztof Wielicki and Leszek Cichy), Elbrus (Denis Urubko), Mont Blanc (Janusz Kurczab), Mount Kosciuzsko (Edmund Strzelecki), Puncak Jaya (Peter Hámor), Mount McKinley (Ryszard Pawłowski), Mount Vinson (Janusz Majer), Aconcagua (Martyna Wojciechowska). There is also a model of Babia Gora itself ,“ said Bartosz Krawczak, the head of CGKZ when explaining the main idea of the project.
Besides the mountain replicas, the museum proudly presents unique collections of historical climbing equipment and valuable information about climbing. Visitors can have a look at original souvenirs from journeys of “the golden age of Polish Himalaya climbing”, i.e. a duvet jacket of the famous Polish climber Andrzej Zawada, ice axes of Wanda Rutkiewicz, maps, books and much more. The project is interactive, which means top-modern technology of mobile devices and touch-screen tablets enables the visitors to see geological and tectonic massif movements “live” and discover precious vegetation that grows at the foot of the peaks. It took more than one year to produce the models of the mountains, which are 150 – 300 cm high and weigh 200 kg each.
“This project is very specific and really close to our hearts. Only people who love the mountains can work in tourism and the same applies to Centrum Górskie Korona Ziemi. Only people who have a close relationship to the mountains can work here. The project is of great use for those who do not have the opportunity to travel to the Himalayas or to Mt. Kilimanjaro. People can see the most colossal mountains of the world and learn about the expeditions of the best-known Polish-Slovak climbers in Zawoj, under Mt. Babia Gora. I hope this interactive centre will be used not only by tourists but also by schools, e.g. for interactive geography lessons,“ said Bohuš Hlavatý, TMR CEO about the project.
“Near and far, there is no mountain centre of similar kind. There are even only a few ones in the whole world. I am happy that Slovak and Polish mountain lovers undertook this project. I was really concerned at the beginning and not sure if they would succeed. But I was keeping my fingers crossed. It may sound like a cliché but people in Slovakia do not have such a relationship to the mountains like people in Poland. I became one of CGKZ ambassadors and my mission is to give lectures and present Mt. Puncak Jaya (also called Carstensz Pyramid), the highest peak in New Guinea, Australia and Oceania. Puncak Jaya is my favourite mountain and my aim is to introduce it to as many people as possible so that they know that there is a mountain like this somewhere in the world. And maybe, when I am lucky I might even make somebody a little more than interested and provide information about how to get there and how to climb it. I think this is not only about looking at photos but also getting information about the mountains at lectures and discussions. And this is a place which enables all this,“ said Peter Hámor.     
The climber went on explaining that he had brought a few precious items from his own expeditions to Centrum Górskieho Korona Ziemi himself. Visitors can thus have a look at a stone from the top of Puncak Jaya or arrows that primitive Papuan mountain tribes use to kill animals and people with. “I have brought all those things to CGKZ so that people can imagine a life that stopped at the beginning of millenniums. And that those are not the most civilised areas. However, this might even increase their motivation to visit the country. I do not bring stones from mountain tops home to be lucky but to remember. You need luck when you climb up and down, when you are standing on the top you are thinking about something completely else. I take such “souvenirs” from every summit where I can. And it is not only for me. 4-5 pieces are meant for people who consider them real relicts. For them, it is more than finding a brand new car parked in front of their house as a gift.  People that I am willing to do all this for value the stones more than anything else,“ concluded Peter Hámor.
The next planned expedition of the famous Slovak climber begins on 12th March 2015 and heads to Mt. Manaslu – another of the Himalayan eight thousand metre peaks. Peter Hámor should finish his expedition in May.
More than 2.1 million EUR have been invested in the project of Centrum Górskie Korona Ziemi (whereas TMR and its business partners participated with approx. 1.68 million EUR). As of 19/2/2015, TMR owns a 7.3% stake of the Korona Ziemi Sp. z o.o. company, which operates the interactive mountain centre. Read more about the CGKZ project HERE.

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