TMR ski resorts have supported rescuers, seniors and regional governments thanks to Smart Season Pass holders

TMR ski resorts have supported rescuers, seniors and regional governments thanks to Smart Season Pass holders
TMR ski resorts have supported rescuers, seniors and regional governments thanks to Smart Season Pass holders
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“After our resorts were closed, we found ourselves in a difficult situation. At first, we had to take care of our clients and employees. Then once we could, we started to prepare activities meant to help those who needed it most at that time,” explained Igor Mráz, the general manager of the Jasná resort.

“All this is possible mainly thanks to our Smart Season Pass holders who supported their favourite ski resorts by buying Smart Season Passes for next winter, which we would like to thank them for not only on behalf of the gift recipients but also the regions where tourism will have to be restored. We will be happy to keep helping together like this also in future,” said Dušan Slavkovský, the general manager of the Vysoké Tatry resort.

Fresh fruit was delivered to the following facilities in the region of Liptov and the region of the High Tatras every week: Nursing home Golden Age Liptovská Ondrášová, Nursing home Tatranská Štrba, Centre of social services and Residences for seniors Jeseň života Veľká Lomnica, Centre of social services Liptovský Mikuláš, Liptov hospital of MUDr. Ivan Stodola.

FFP2 respirator masks were given by the ski resort of Jasná to volunteer fire fighters of the quarantine resort of Bystrá in Liptovský Ján. “We would like to thank for the material help from the bottom of our hearts. Professional as well as volunteer fire fighters are doing their best to help and we truly appreciate the solidarity in the region and willingness to help us. Thank you very much,” said Lieut. Col. PhDr. Eva Krajčiová, the general manager of the District Fire Rescue Corps in Liptovský Mikuláš. The resort of Vysoké Tatry used the same type of respirator masks to support the Association of the Samaritans of the Slovak Republic, which helps register repatriates in quarantine facilities in the High Tatras as well as seniors and their family members in the field of social services. “Thank you very much on behalf of all Samaritans who are helping in quarantine facilities all around Slovakia,” Renáta Penazzi, the secretary general of the Association.

TMR ski resorts abroad – Szczyrk in Poland and Špindlerův Mlýn in the Czech Republic have given a helping hand too, of course. Thanks to Smart Season Pass holders, they could give face masks, respirator masks and fruit to regional governments and rescuers in their localities.

9 computer sets were gifted to the Kid´s and Family Centre in Poprad as special help provided to support home schooling while schools are closed. The Tatry mountain resorts, a.s. (TMR) company offered the sets based on a specific request. “With these computers, kids in our individual groups will have access to the virtual world, whose significance is emphasised by the present-day pandemic situation, especially in the field of education that can be done only with help of keyboards and computer mice now, unfortunately. The computers will be also serving a team of psychologists and social workers whose main professional aim is to help children stay where they were born, i.e. with their mums, dads, families. As we believe that kids should laugh and cry where they feel safe, we will use these computers to prevent that they are taken away from their families,” said Adam Fronc, a psychologist from the Kid´s and Family Centre in Poprad.