Wine bottling on Mt. Chopok at a record-breaking altitude

Wine bottling on Mt. Chopok at a record-breaking altitude
Wine bottling on Mt. Chopok at a record-breaking altitude
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The special vintage of Pinot Noir with sugar content of 23.5˚NM was being bottled in a very careful and delicate way at the highest altitude ever in the territory of Slovakia. “This is a dream of every winemaker. Martin Pomfy has filled more than 100 bottles of wine at the highest altitude during the evening,“ said Igor Svítok from the Slovak Records initiative.
“The best beverage that a winemaker can wish for – Pinot Noir has been maturing in wooden 1,800-litre barrels and used French barrique barrels for 7 months on its way to perfection. Used barrels help the wine be smoother than velvet and more beautiful. I have been asked to introduce special wine to real wine lovers. This is what I love most. Such premiere wine bottling on Mt. Chopok is truly rare and I am happy that I could be part of it. Wine was bottled manually in the past when there were no bottling lines. When applying this manual method, air is sucked out from the bottle with a vacuum pump and wine is filled into bottles carefully under pressure to prevent ingressing of too much oxygen inside. The wine has been given high-quality 1-kilogramm thick and dark bottles and fine corks in the final manual corking phase. Wine that has been maturing in French barrels does not suffer any damage due to this simple manual bottling technique at all,“ stressed Martin Pomfy from the Mavín company.    
After last year´s sabrage of a 9-litre champagne bottle and delicious culinary specialities of Chef Ján Punčochář, it was Vojto Artz, a respected specialist and master of culinary art, who was enthralling guest´s taste buds this time. “The way to people´s hearts is through their stomachs but real cooking magic is about high-quality fresh ingredients, the proper technique of cooking and preparation and mainly the team of people engaged. Good company and good-quality beverages are important as well. We have been preparing our 8-course menu for two days and by we – I mean 10 cooks,“ said Vojto Artz.  
“We are happy that we could meet and celebrate culinary art together for the second time already. It all began with a desire to break down the stereotype of traditional fast food served in ski resorts. We wanted to make high-quality food and beverages available for everybody and offer something new, world-class but non-traditional as well. And this resulted in the idea of organising the Culinary Week. We hope that gourmet specialities and Mr. Pomfy´s wines have fulfilled everyone´s expectations and we have shocked the taste buds of our guests in a positive way,“ concluded Marcel Števček, the managing director of TMR restaurant and gastro section in the Low Tatras. 
The Von Roll Restaurant in the area of Luková on Mt. Chopok is a real jewel of the Jasná ski resort. It was awarded with a gold medal in the Internationaler Skiareatest evaluation system for the winter season of 2013/14 as the most popular mountain restaurant and outstripped more than 35 alpine resorts in its category. The luxurious à la carte restaurant, which offers beautiful views, has a unique interior as well as exterior and is accessible with a chairlift or a special grooming machine. PHOTO download HERE, author: TMR

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