Fantastic! The new cable car in Jasná has received two awards in the “Building of the Year 2022” competition!

Fantastic! The new cable car in Jasná has received two awards in the “Building of the Year 2022” competition!
Fantastic! The new cable car in Jasná has received two awards in the “Building of the Year 2022” competition!

Bratislava (23rd March 2023) The new cable car that links Biela púť with Priehyba was the main innovation that the Jasná ski resort was entering the 2022/23 winter season with. Two awards in the “Building of the Year 2022” competition prove that the cable car attracted not only the public but also experts.

The 28th public state onymous “Building of the Year 2022” awards were organised by the Association of Development of Slovak Architecture and Construction Industry (ABF Slovakia) in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic and other professional partners. 16 buildings from all around Slovakia were nominated from registered projects by the jury to advance to the final round. And facing this competition, the new cable car in Jasná received two awards – the Public award and the Award for an exceptional and progressive project solution.

“I would like to thank everybody who had contributed to the project – representatives of the state authorities, of the local government, land owners, project architects, suppliers. It was not easy to build something like that in difficult atmospheric conditions, but we have made it,” said Vladimír Čukan, the director of development implementation at TMR, when accepting the awards.

“It’s amazing! On one hand, Jasná finally got a cable car after long years to complete the direct transport line to the top of Mt Chopok, on the other hand, we have shown that a resort of international parameters deserves a different, exceptional approach also when building an ordinary thing like a cable car. It’s great that it was appreciated not only by the public but also by experts,” commented Igor Rattaj, the Chairman of the Board at Tatry mountain resorts, a.s. (TMR), on the cable car awards.

The jury pointed out the original concept of creating a unique, irregular and diverse engineering building in a harsh mountain environment and with a limited access as well as precise technical details.

The construction process of the new cable car began in September 2021 and it transported the first skiers in early December 2022. The investment in the amount of more than EUR 17 has made the transport to Mt Chopok considerably faster and easier, secured an ecological form of supply to the summit and made the route wheelchair-friendly, i.e. accessible also for the physically handicapped and mothers with prams. The lower station located in Biela Púť follows the architecture and functional style of the Central Jasná – East building and consists of three floors. Two lower floors contain technical premises, offices and parking spaces. There are also underground public toilets which can be entered from the neighbouring ski piste as well as from the parking garage. The highest floor serves for clients to embark and disembark the cable car. The lower cable car control room is located there along with cable car cabin parking and service rooms. The technology of the 15-person cable car was supplied by the Doppelmayr company.

A special facade glass printing is a chapter in itself and is meant to remind of frost also in summer. To apply the Face One printing, the panes of glass were heated to 200˚C again and covered with coloured glass in a liquid form. A “glass in glass” effect was created in this way and the printing became part of the façade. The outdoor printing representing frost was designed by Wanda Valihrachová from the LASVIT company, the graphic structure of the façade is the work of architects and technicians of the SIAL company together with representatives of the WIEDEN company.

Architectonic design by:

doc. Ing. Arch. Jiří Buček

Architectonic section designed by:

SIAL architekti a inženýři spol. s r. o. Liberec

Decisive technical section designed by:

Ing. Zdeněk Dřevěný, Ing. Miroslav Mačičák, Ing. Martin Balucha, PhD.

Main constructors:

Desať s. r. o., Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH, Wieden s. r. o.

Chief construction managers:

Pavol Duchnický, Peter Kurčinka

Builder, developer:

Tatry mountain resorts, a. s.


Ing. Vladimír Čukan, Ing. Pavel Duchnický, Milan Lipták, Ing. Eduard Markocsy

Construction costs (excl. VAT):

EUR 17.5 mil.

Construction period:

09/2021 – 11/2022