“For a Better Life in the Town of Vysoké Tatry” grant programme plans to support 8 projects in 2024

“For a Better Life in the Town of Vysoké Tatry” grant programme plans to support 8 projects in 2024
“For a Better Life in the Town of Vysoké Tatry” grant programme plans to support 8 projects in 2024

VYSOKÉ TATRY (12. 2. 2024) The grant programme known as “For a Better Life in the Town of Vysoké Tatry” has entered its fourth year. A total of 11 projects applied for financial support to improve the community’s life and enhance the environment in the town of Vysoké Tatry. 

The grant programme known as “For a Better Life in the Town of Vysoké Tatry” was created by the TMR company and the Vysoké Tatry mountain resort in 2019 – as a transparent and system support programme to help the Tatras, interesting ideas and initiatives of local people. By the grant application deadline, i.e. 31st December 2023, 11 projects were registered. The committee composed of representatives of the mountain resort and the local government ultimately decided to support eight of them and redistribute €20,058 to them. The most supported projects focus on children, youth and athletes. “Since the establishment of our grant, we have always sought to prioritise these target categories because children and youth are our future. This year, we have supported not only kindergartens, schools and sports clubs but also, for example, a mountain festival in Tatranská Lomnica. The support to rescue the iconic church in Starý Smokovec, which is in serious disrepair, is another story,” informed Dušan Slavkovský, the general manager of the mountain resort.

“Every project that could help improve life in the town is welcome. And especially when it comes to children. Whether it’s art schools or sports clubs achieving excellent results, it would be a mistake not to support them. Children should do sports, pursue hobbies and not just sit at home at their computers,” added Jozef Štefaňák, the mayor of the town of Vysoké Tatry.

Projects supported by the “For a Better Life in the Town of Vysoké Tatry” grant programme in 2024:

Purchase of sports equipment

Applied by: Tatranská Lomnica Art School

The project involves purchasing special gymnastics equipment that the school cannot afford. The professional equipment should be used to add gymnastic elements to choreographies. Students from the Tatranská Lomnica Art School have achieved great success in dance competitions both in Slovakia and in Europe. Last year, they made it to the European Grand Final at the Balaton lake and brought gold medals home.

Final dance performance of the Tatranská Lomnica Art School

Applied by: ZUŠ Tatranská Lomnica

The project involves supporting the most important event of the Tatranská Lomnica Art School, where 130 participants will perform. They will present their skills in front of a thousand spectators from the Vysoké Tatry town and the surrounding areas. This is a financially costly project involving the construction of a stage, technology, sound equipment, promotional materials, costumes, set production, material purchase, preparation and venue rental.

•Town of Vysoké Tatry

Purchase of cross-country skiing sets for preschools

The aim is to provide full cross-country skiing equipment for children in preschool age. This includes sets consisting of cross-country skis, bindings, poles and boots. The project aims to improve the equipment quality and to make this sport more accessible for children.

•Town of Vysoké Tatry

Purchase of safety barriers

The project aims to purchase equipment to demarcate tracks for children and youth cross-country skiing competitions, i.e. demarcation devices (V-border) about 100 cm long. They are mobile devices that can be moved according to the needs of competing children.

•Hotel Vocational School in Horný Smokovec

Purchase of equipment for a specialised vocational classroom

The project aims to add equipment for a confectionery vocational classroom and provide quality training for students to find employment, especially in gastronomy in the field of tourism.

• Slovak Luge Association

Purchase of luge equipment for children and youth

The Slovak Luge Association is dedicated to training students, youth and the national team, offer free training for students from the High Tatras. The aim is to use the grant money to purchase enough certified luge shoes, spiked gloves and helmets.

• OZ Zachráňme poklady Tatier (Let’s Save the Treasures of the Tatras – civic association)

Restoration and renovation of the Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary in Starý Smokovec – tower repair

The main aim of the project is to prevent serious disrepair, i.e. collapse of the tower and to ensure that the church looks as it deserves to. It is located in a busy area of the High Tatras and the current condition of this national cultural monument does not contribute to the attractiveness of the locality from the visual point of view.

•OZ Žiť Tatry (Live the Tatras – civic association)

2nd edition of the Tatranské výšiny (Tatra Heights) Festival on 29.6.2024

Tatranské Výšiny is the second edition of the sports and cultural festival for all lovers of mountains, hiking and nature. The first edition was dedicated to mountain professions and the second edition will be all about mountain sports – paragliding, hiking, mountaineering, bike trials, skiing. Invited guests include Juraj Koreň, Ladislav “Tatko” Janiga, Andrea Saloňová, Veronika Zuzulová. Singer and multi-instrumentalist Tamara Kramar will add a touch of music to the talk. The evening will include a summer cinema event – screening of the “Štítová stena” (Peak tower) film by Rasťo Hatiar.

In the four previous editions of the “For a Better Life in the Town of Vysoké Tatry” grant programme, a total of 34 projects were supported with over €80,000 to support educational trails, gazebos, local sports clubs, sports and cultural events, kindergartens and schools, equip sports grounds, buy sound equipment for community theatre performances, publish an interesting book for children as part of the Kyslíkovci project, groom the terrain of cross-country skiing trails, create book booths, establish information totems at cultural monuments, buy first aid training equipment and much more. All supported projects share one common goal – to improve the life of the community and enhance the environment of the town of Vysoké Tatry. For more information about the grant programme and supported projects, please visit the website: www.vt.sk/grant.