More public access defibrillators ready to save lives in the High Tatras and in Jasná

More public access defibrillators ready to save lives in the High Tatras and in Jasná
More public access defibrillators ready to save lives in the High Tatras and in Jasná

3 automated defibrillators for use by lay bystanders have been given to the mountain resorts of Jasná and Vysoké Tatry by the Tatra Beautification Society. They will be ready to save lives in Skalnaté pleso and Hrebienok in the High Tatras and on the southern side of Mt Chopok in Jasná.

The new defibrillators were handed over to representatives of the mountain resorts of Vysoké Tatry and Nízke Tatry – Juh and the Mountain Rescue Service by representatives of the Tatra Beautification Society (TBS) in Skalnaté pleso on Saturday 8th January 2022. “The High Tatras and the Low Tatras are both frequently visited localities and this is our contribution to have help at hand for the case it should be needed. I’d prefer to have the defibrillators removed after they expire without using them before,” informed Paťo Kolesár, the TBS chancellor. The defibrillators in the value of EUR 4,120 were financed by TBS’ own sources.

Before being handed over officially, the defibrillators were blessed by vladyka Ján Babjak, S.J., Archbishop of Prešov Archeparchy and Greek-Catholic Metropolitan of Slovakia during Episcopal holy liturgy. “They serve as insurance so that every guest can return home safely. It is not easy to save lives in the mountains. Even if they help save one person only, they are worth it,” said vladyka Ján.

Professional rescuers agreed that it is reasonable to install defibrillators so that they are available to the public. “Our rescue service has defibrillators at disposal, but if we are saving somebody else somewhere else, each and every visitor in the Tatras can become a rescuer thanks to public access defibrillators and save human lives,” explained Igor Trgiňa from the Mountain Rescue Service.

The first public access defibrillators were installed in the mountain resorts of Vysoké Tatry and Jasná in 2018. “We placed the first defibrillators on top of Mt Lomnický štít, which is hard to access but an important location, and to Štrbské Pleso. We hope that if these new defibrillators are used in Hrebienok and Skalnaté pleso, they will save human lives,” said Dušan Slavkovský, the general manager of the Vysoké Tatry mountain resort. The third gifted machine is meant for the southern side of Mt Chopok. “We already have one defibrillator on the northern side and this one will be available on the southern side. I wish it has to be used as little as possible and if it is, it can save lives successfully,” added Jiří Trumpeš, the resort general manager.

“The Tatras are as good as fully covered now and I am thankful for that because these machines can save lives also if they are used by lay bystanders. I wish them to save as many lives as possible,” said František Majerský, the chief of the Záchrana civic association (Rescue), which encourages installing as many public access defibrillators as possible.

The TBS says these are not the last defibrillators to be placed to the most frequently visited locations in the High and Low Tatras. “I believe and hope that these are not the last defibrillators and we will continue with this great activity. Especially after I have personally met Ferko Majerský, a big fan of these live-saving machines and their availability. I think it is a great idea and a great thing for everybody,” concluded Igor Rattaj, the vice-chairman of the Tatra Beautification Society.