Support pylons of a new cable car in Jasná installed by a helicopter

Support pylons of a new cable car in Jasná installed by a helicopter
Support pylons of a new cable car in Jasná installed by a helicopter

JASNÁ (5. 7. 2022) The new cable car in Jasná which should link the entrance point of Biela púť with Priehyba is one step closer to be opened. On Tuesday 5th July, a helicopter helped considerably together with installers who mounted pylons along the cable car route.

After thorough preparation, a helicopter of the Heli-Tirol company started to fly early in the morning to transport individual parts of the pylons to concrete footings. The pylons were put together by an installation crew afterwards.

It was a pleasure to watch the whole well coordinated team. The helicopter pilot, every installer, they all gave a really perfect performance and the pylons along the route were completed within two hours,” said Jiří Trumpeš, the general manager of the Jasná resort, and paid compliments to the installation team of the Doppelmayr company.   

Every cable car installation process consists of several essential steps.

“At first, the basic construction of the upper and lower station is built, one of them serving as the propulsive one. After the propulsive station is built, cables are added, the control room is linked with the station. Then pylons are erected, mostly with help of a helicopter as the terrain is not accessible. The pylons are linked with the cables. Engineers upload the software, the cable car is tested with the maximum cabin load, all functions are tested – brakes, the emergency drive, all switches. If everything works, the cable car is handed over for use,” explained Tomáš Fried, the representative of the Doppelmayr company in Slovakia.  

There is one interesting fact related to the cable car – the cabins are supplied by the CWA company from Switzerland and they are called Jasná. They are 15-person cabins and were made to order for the TMR company.

The construction of the new cable car that had been planned for long started in Jasná last year and the first passengers should be able to use it in the winter of 2022/23. “We cannot wait to have it because it will help us solve the biggest problem as for transportation of skiers and tourists from Biela púť to Priehyba. Today, it is very complicated and takes too long to change from the existing 4-seater chairlift to the Twinliner funicular, where long queues are formed regularly, the place is overcrowded.   It is a fundamental thing for us, which will guarantee more comfort for skiers but will also have a noticeable ecological effect because the cable car will help supply our restaurants and this will reduce the use of snow groomers and the carbon footprint. In addition, it will be a wheelchair-friendly transport solution, which will make it easier for families with prams and disabled with reduced mobility to travel,” added Jiří Trumpeš. The lower cable car station will not only include the cable car technology and other necessary facilities but also 65 parking spaces of the original car park where the construction will be built.


EUR 17 mil.  – investment amount
2800 passengers/hour – transport capacity of the 15KLD Biela púť – Priehyba cable car
930m –  length of the Biela púť – Priehyba cable car
250 passengers/hour –  current capacity of the Twinliner funicular
1.5 hour – waiting times at the Twinliner funicular at peak hours