Three round-the-world-tours completed on skis in Jasná in one day

Three round-the-world-tours completed on skis in Jasná in one day
Three round-the-world-tours completed on skis in Jasná in one day

Jasná/Vysoké Tatry 27th April 2021 – The 2021/22 winter season is coming to an end. In spite of the beginning with several restrictions, skiers have managed to complete thousands of piste kilometres in their favourite resorts. And there is still time to improve their statistics.

The 2021/22 winter season began with various Covid precautions that limited the cable car capacity and the hotel operation. “We didn’t know what to expect from the season. The Covid pandemic could still be felt, there were various precautions, we had some experience after the previous season that had actually not been cancelled. People obviously missed skiing and after ski resorts were finally opened, skiers were trying to catch up on everything they had missed. This is clear also based on the Gopass Ski Challenge, where 3,675 skiers became Kings Of The Mountain for completing more than 500 piste kilometres. 2,964 of them were season pass holders. While season pass holders were skiing as good as non-stop, 1-day skiers made their decisions based on the weather forecast or were skiing on days that they had bought advance sale ski passes at better prices for,” summed up Igor Rattaj, the TMR Chairman of the Board, regarding the skiing statistics of the culminating 2021/22 season.

Jamil, 51 years old, became the individual king of all resorts operated by TMR after completing 6,347 piste kilometres in the course of 124 skiing days with his season pass. To imagine it better, it is approximately as much as the distance between Jasná and Quebec, Canada.

The highest number of piste kilometres per day was made in the biggest Slovak ski resort – Jasná. On Saturday 12th March 2022, more than 7,000 skiers completed an unbelievable amount of 129, 215 piste kilometres, which is more than three round-the-world-tours.

The individual piste kilometre record per day was made in Szczyrk, Poland, where one skier completed 187 kilometres with their season pass. The record holder of Špindlerův Mlýn completed 136 kilometres with their season pass per day.

As for families, a 4-member family with season passes who completed 6,910 piste kilometres within 112 days was the best. Skiers with 1-day ski passes were dominated by a 2-member family with 2,317 piste kilometres made within 42 days.

Skiers can still improve their skiing statistics in Jasná, in the High Tatras and on the Mölltal glaciers. The piste of Lomnické sedlo still offers great snow conditions and should be opened from 30th April to 8th May, Jasná and Štrbské Pleso are going to be available next weekend and depending on the conditions afterwards, the season on the Mölltaler glacier in Austria lasts until 8th May. 

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