TMR resorts in Slovakia visited by experts from Cluster Montagne

TMR resorts in Slovakia visited by experts from Cluster Montagne
TMR resorts in Slovakia visited by experts from Cluster Montagne

JASNA/VYSOKE TATRY ( September 28, 2023) Experts from Cluster Montagne, a French association focused on sustainable mountain tourism development, visited the mountain resorts of Jasná and Vysoké Tatry. The exchange and sharing of current trends in the field of mountain tourism development resulted in various interesting impulses for both parties.

From 10th to 15th September, a Cluster Montagne delegation came to Slovakia to evaluate the development of mountain tourism in the country in summer as well as winter. The French delegation was composed of elected mountain representatives, mountain resort representatives and experts in the field of operation, safety, marking, diversification and digitisation of mountain resorts. “Our aim was to meet involved individuals and share our mountain tourism visions, experience and expert knowledge with them,” informed Benoit Robert, Cluster Montagne director.

The French guests said they had been impressed by several things:

  • the beauty of Slovakia’s mountains, which remain natural and wild;
  • the quality of the tourism offer which often corresponds to international standards;
  • a strong mountain culture of the clientele visiting the resorts;
  • constant attention paid to customers during their stay;
  • overall professional level of people working in the tourism industry (promotion, management, development, etc.);
  • an investment dynamic that shows no signs of running out of steam;
  • a good balance between summer and winter turnout in resorts;
  • excellent destination value for money.

“Based on the reasons above, we at Cluster Montagne are convinced that Slovak mountain resorts have a bright future ahead. We would like to keep maintaining the relationships with local players to identify areas for future joint activities, mutually beneficial cooperation and sustainable development of our mountain destinations,” said Benoit Robert. 

“We respect the positive response of the French experts very much. It was interesting to listen to their opinions and hear for example about the possibilities and the support that resorts in France receive from local administrations or tourism associations. We will keep in touch with the experts and are ready to look for inspiring examples of sustainable development that could be applied in our mountain resorts in Slovakia,” commented Branislav Kačkovič, TMR operations director in Slovakia.